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Tasting for you

Wine Meridian will tell you in its own way the story of Italian wines through the eyes and the experience of professionals and wine enthusiasts.

saturday 13 april

Italian wines in the world: Principe di Corleone's San Loé Metodo Classico

We have tasted for you Principe di Corleone's San Loé Metodo Classico

Italian wines in the world: Principe di Corleone's San Loé Metodo Classico
San Loé Metodo Classico

Color: white
Year of production: 2016
Price: 12.00 euros
Annual production: 5,000 bottles
Denomination: V.S.Q. Quality Sparkling Wine
Aging: 18 months on the lees
Grapes: Nerello Mascalese

In the heart of eastern Sicily, the Nerello Mascalese, a red grape variety, native to the Mascali plain, is located in Contrada San Loé (San Lorenzo) a few kilometers from the city of Palermo, a unique habitat for climate and territory. The foresight of the Pollara family has led to the enhancement of this grape variety, creating an important Classic Method that would allow it to reach a wider and international audience. San Loé, contains all the tradition and the warmth of this island, a sip that speaks about the territory and the varied biodiversity of these places.
It is a Classic Method Brut dosage from pure Nerello Mascalese grapes, vinified as white. The grapes are harvested by hand and placed in boxes, followed by a soft pressing and subsequent fermentation at a controlled temperature. It will stand on its lees for at least 24 months, time needed to obtain complexity and pleasure. The glass has a white paper color, bright and with a fine and elegant perlage. The nose is yellow peach, lychee, citrus aromas and floral notes of jasmine. The mouth is creamy, citrine; the lime chases the bitter bitterness of bitter almond that closes with great freshness and a slight sapidity. Excellent with shrimp tempura and courgette flowers, we recommend a service temperature of 8 degrees.

Company Profile

Principe di Corleone was established by the Pollara family with the intention of telling a story through unique wines. It is located in Monreale, a few kilometers from Palermo and extends for 100 hectares north-west of Corleone. The hillside vineyards located between 350 and 550 meters high, enjoy a unique climate that allows a quality production. Native grapes and international varieties tell the uniqueness of a territory through unmistakable wines.

Principe di Corleone
C/da Malvello SP4 Bis km 2,00 Corleone, PA 90034 IT


Italian wines in the world: Principe di Corleone's San Loé Metodo Classico

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sunday 07 april

Italian wines in the world: Cantina di Soave's "Riserva dei Cinque" Spumante Metodo Classico 120 months, Equipe5

We have tasted for you Cantina di Soave's "Riserva dei Cinque" Spumante Metodo Classico 120 months, Equipe5

Italian wines in the world: Cantina di Soave's
"Riserva dei Cinque" Spumante Metodo Classico 120 months, Equipe5

Color: white
Year of production: 2019
Price: ND
Annual production: Limited production
Denomination: VSQ Brut Reserve
Aging: Bottle 120 months
Grapes: 80% Pinot Nero, 20% Chardonnay

Writing about the sparkling history of the beautiful Italic country is always a way to go back to the pioneering origins of people who have dedicated to this type of production, a passion that is a mix of adventure, stimulation and ever more attentive research to those balances that are always born to interior of a vineyard and the result then in the glass wants to be the same blend of emotions, even though sought after by our pioneers, in many years of never perfect balance, never safe investments.
Among the sparkling wines that have made the history of this typology in Italy, there is certainly the Equipe 5, a classic method resulting from the competence and intuition of the time, 5 young winemakers, members of one of the most interesting winemaking adventures in our country: Leonello Letrari, Bepi Andreaus, Ferdinando Tonon, Pietro Tura and Riccardo Zanetti.
Since some years Equipe 5 is managed by Cantina di Soave, that continues in the project of valorization of this historic Italian bubbles.
A new important element is added to the history of this sparkling wine, the Equipe 5 “Riserva dei Cinque”, a fruit of long maturation on yeasts, 10 years of aging in bottle, for a wine obtained from a good percentage of Pinot Noir that, combined with Chardonnay, it enhances the two vines Principles of world sparkling wine.
Pouring this wine, the eye ends up in a yellow color that is still so brilliant, enhanced by very fine and very persistent bubbles that bring an intoxicating perfume of rare elegance into the air.
On the nose this sparkling wine brings out its long pause on the yeasts, with memories of ancient bread making of different grains and well harmonized, with fruit and flowers that are mixed in a perfume of the cellar tied to the experience. On the palate the effervescence balanced with acidity creates a harmony that arrives in the final aftertaste to ennoble together all the emotion of the tasting.
Recommended with dishes that have a good fat component because it amazes in cleanliness and enhances its rich and pleasantly persistent structure

Company Profile

Cantina di Soave: more than 120 years, a long history that has its roots in the earth and in the past. Thanks to the passion of the winemaking partners and to the experience of the team of oenologists and agronomists, the historic soavese winery has been able to combine the expertise acquired in over a century of history with the most modern technologies, to give life to a unique oenological style now known and appreciated all over the world.

Cantina di Soave
Viale della Vittoria, 100 Soave, VR 37038 IT
Tel. +39 045 613 9811

Italian wines in the world: Cantina di Soave's

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saturday 06 april

Italian wines in the world: Siddùra's Nudo rosé 2018

We have tasted for you Siddùra's Nudo rosé 2018

Italian wines in the world: Siddùra's Nudo rosé 2018

Color: rosé
Year of production: 2018
Price: 20.50 euros
Annual production: 10,000 bottles
Denomination: DOC
Aging: The whole grapes are pressed immediately after harvesting and then vinified in white. After a soft pressing, the must stop at low temperature for a few days in stainless steel tanks, before starting the 15-day fermentation.
Grapes: Cannonau di Sardegna rosé

Cantina Siddura is a winery a few kilometers from Costa Smeralda and has always sought a marriage with this part of Sardinia, a meeting that could witness the territorial charm and, at the same time, manage to communicate, even outside the beautiful island, the values ​​and the potential that a young brand can express with the work carried out with the utmost respect for tradition. Cannonau, which remains the symbol of Sardinian red wines, lends itself to aging in wood but can also be tasted young, or naked, without its red skin, giving birth to a wine with a color that is a real petal of rose or - as lovers of food and wine would like to say, a shade reminiscent of onion peel. Nudo is the new Cannonau by Siddùra, an oenological project born in 2017, now in its second year. A product that cannot be considered modern due to the historicity of the grape variety, but it certainly is because of the great appeal that it also releases in accompanying Mediterranean dishes.
The nose is filled with aromas of fresh fruit with hints of acidity typical of plum jam and then evolves into the harmony that a bouquet of seasonal flowers can give, the taste impact is firm and full, well balanced by the flavor which is one of the characteristics of Cannonau. A wine that harmonizes a breadth of fresh and decisive aromas, warm and well structured. It is the finish, the aftertaste, which leaves an important trace for a never banal length in rose wines. Let's match it with an eggplant parmigiana and it will tell us all its truths.

Company Profile 

Siddùra was born from the discovery made by two entrepreneurs who identified and fell in love with an abandoned but enchanting property in the heart of Gallura, collecting the legacy of an ancient wine production that in the fifties of the last century already bottled vermentino to sell on the nearby market . The company has made Sardinia a brand of purity, tradition, quality and innovation. Thirty hectares of vineyards that give life to a collection of nine wines: the vermentino of Gallura Spèra, Maìa and Bèru, the rosé cannonau Nudo, the cannonau, DOC and Riserva, Èrema and Fòla, the Cagnulari Bàcco, the international Tìros and the passito Nuali. The wines received over 350 medals.

localita' Siddura Luogosanto, SS 07020 IT

Italian wines in the world: Siddùra's Nudo rosé 2018

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saturday 30 march

Italian wines in the world: Azienda Agricola Accordini Stefano's Valpolicella Classico Superiore Ripasso DOC

We have tasted for you Azienda Agricola Accordini Stefano's Valpolicella Classico Superiore Ripasso DOC

Italian wines in the world: Azienda Agricola Accordini Stefano's Valpolicella Classico Superiore Ripasso DOC
Valpolicella Classico Superiore Ripasso DOC

Color: red
Year of production: 2016
Price: € 11.50
Annual production: 70,000 bottles
Denomination: DOC
Aging: 12 months in french oak
Grapes: 60% Corvina Veronese, 15% Corvinone, 20% Rondinella, 5% Molinara

This wine reveals a family story linked to a territory that has seen alternating fortunes over the centuries and that is the identity that binds this place to its people and their deep rooted sense of belonging.
Valpolicella is an area in the north-west of Verona, that has made peasant culture its strong point, diversifying the products that a territory so small but at the same time complex in terms of geographical conformation was able to offer, thus making the area itself a small rural world and it is the vine that has always accompanied this path. In Valpolicella the stories and the proverbs speak of Acinatico and the value of the grapes that ripened before giving life to wines that could express all their strength. We find this strength in this wine, Valpolicella Ripasso made by Accordini family, which recalls the Acinatico name on the label, to enhance its past tradition. This wine is made with the technique of ripening on the skins of Amarone that, added to the complexity deriving from the soils of "mountain", gives perfumes that anyone who visits this portion of Italy can find in the villages and taverns that welcome you with their specialties.
The intense ruby colour invites the nose to listen to the aromas that are typical of the drying on racks, with this ripe red fruit that is well harmonized with hints of plum and blueberry, never intrusive and very elegant. This brings to the palate the same olfactory emotions with an extraordinary ease of drinking and softness. Great for those who love the company of good meat and for those who are fascinated by peasant history.

Company Profile
The wine producer Stefano Accordini comes from a hold farming background, first as sharecroppers, then as owners and finally as wine producer. The Company is run by the Accordini family with the involvement of their wives and sons, each carrying their specific responsibilities. The historic vineyards of Bessole and Fornetto were planted by Stefano in the 70s and were joined in the year 2000 by the purchase of new land in the high Valpolicella Classico area, where we laid the foundation for a mountain viticulture, then building a new and efficient Cellar in 2010. The new vineyards are at Cavalo and Mazzurega, at an altitude of 550 meters, today represent for the Accordini family the recovery of a lost wine production with historic tastes of Valpolicella Classico, creating wines with flavours of the past, clearly recognizable and unique. The magnificent landscape, in which it is the company located, looks out in one direction over the Lessini mountain chain and in the other a terrace that overlooks the city of Verona. The customary welcome of the Accordini family, together the very pleasant tasting room create an indissoluble union between the wines and territory, which are to visit and discover.

Azienda Agricola Accordini Stefano
Loc. Camparol 10, Cavalo di Fumane, Verona. Fumane, VR 37022 IT
+39 045 776 0138

Italian wines in the world: Azienda Agricola Accordini Stefano's Valpolicella Classico Superiore Ripasso DOC

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saturday 23 march

Italian wines in the world: Cantina Santa Maria La Palma's Ràfia

We have tasted for you Cantina Santa Maria La Palma's Ràfia Vermentino di Sardegna DOC

Italian wines in the world: Cantina Santa Maria La Palma's Ràfia

Color: straw yellow with golden shades
Year of production: 2017
Price: 15,70 euro
Annual production: 6.000 bottles
Denomination: Vermentino di Sardegna DOC
Aging: inox steel + fermentation in oak barrels + bâtonnage + aging in steel for one year
Grapes: 100% Vermentino di Sardegna DOC

Ràfia is a name that evokes a charm and a peasant and rural symbol, a real instrument that unites thanks to its strong fiber and, above all, builds or generates robust products with character. And the more it waves, the more it makes these bonds unique and powerful.
But ràfia is also a plant, with very long leaves touching the land, from where this shrub grows and joins with the land, almost creating an indissoluble bond with the environment that surrounds it.
Ràfia is the name that Cantina Santa Maria La Palma gave to a wine, thus linking a vine like Vermentino, with the history of the members that are part of this important cooperative of Sardinia.
The Vermentino Ràfia is therefore a strong human and territorial bond, which thanks to its passage in oak wood for a short period, to then refine in steel for at least a year, is presented to the eye with a straw yellow color that tends to golden shades. The sensation to the nose expresses the important selection in the plant because notes of bergamot and fresh fruit emerge, with scents reminiscent of the summer breeze that, coming from the sea, is filled with the aromas of the spontaneous aromatic plants that it finds in its passage with notes that suggest myrtle and wild rosemary.
The taste is well structured and with a body that makes it full and strong, never cloying but with a nice acidity and flavor that recalls drinking, a wine of great harmony and with that complexity that binds it pleasantly to its important personality.
The Vermentino Ràfia can be appreciated with structured dishes, but it can give important emotions while tasting the fragrance that comes from the sea in the evening.

Company Profile
It all began in 1946, in the Nurra area, which had been reclaimed and given to the farmworkers following the Agrarian Reform that was implemented in Sardinia in the immediate post-war period. The locals were blessed with skilled, courageous hands that had the capacity to capture the soul of a part of the island that seems to have been designed for winemaking. And so, in 1959, one hundred of them decided to enter into a co-operative and to found the Cantina Santa Maria la Palma (Santa Maria la Palma Winery).
Today, past and future are being combined seamlessly through the new technologies deployed in every project put together by the Winery, which can leverage a tradition that has always married innovation to love for the local soil.
700 hectares of land on the estate are under vine, giving rise to a wealth of highly nuanced Sardinian wines, all made with the same passion and dedication as always, while also taking advantage of everything that state-of-the-art technology has to offer.

Cantina Santa Maria la Palma
Loc. Santa Maria La Palma Cantina Alghero, SS 07041 IT
+39 079 999008
Italian wines in the world: Cantina Santa Maria La Palma's Ràfia

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saturday 16 march

Italian wines in the world: Tenuta Montemagno's Solis Vis Monferrato Bianco DOC Timorasso

We have tasted for you Tenuta Montemagno's Solis Vis Monferrato Bianco DOC Timorasso

Italian wines in the world: Tenuta Montemagno's Solis Vis Monferrato Bianco DOC Timorasso
Solis Vis Monferrato Bianco DOC Timorasso

Color: white
Year of production: 2016
Price:14.50 euro (e-commerce price including VAT)
Annual production: 15,000 bottles
Denomination: Monferrato Bianco DOC Timorasso
Aging: in steel and bottle
Grapes: 100% Timorasso

The elegance of Tenuta Montemagno, in the Monferrato area, encloses the history of the place in a frame that fully reflects a strong belonging to medieval history. Here, the castle of Montemagno shows its austere image towards an Estate born as a winery since the 16th century, we can say it also looking at the maps found in the council hall. On the estate you can totally breathe the culture of the vine with your eyes.
The Barea family, with its modern entrepreneurial foresight, recently has given a new life to the entire Monferrato system, combining the winery and also a Relais that offers a welcome and a truly authentic cuisine, paired with the wines obtained in this fascinating territory.
One of these products is obtained from a vine that really is a champion, the Timorasso, which gathers its strength on a soil rich in minerals which, combined with the sun that sprays the gentle hills, gives birth to a wine so intriguing and long-lived which has very few equals.
Its name is "Solis Vis", because of the strength of the sun, a force that enters the terroir and then flows into all its elegance in this pure Timorasso that appears with greenish hues in its brilliant straw yellow, while the nose immediately offers its minerality with a flint stone fragrance accompanied by flowers and white-paste fruit.
In the mouth its harmony blends with a flavor balanced by the acidity that accompanies the taster to enter a world so far but so current, even in terms of culinary pairing. We recommend it with a stuffed pasta, the famous agnolotti with roast sauce from Monferrato. If you want to amaze your friends then accompany it with grilled white meat to match the strength of the minerality.

Company Profile

Tenuta Montemagno arises on Monferrato hills, a Piedmont area highly suitable for vines. The vineyards facing south-west, the microclimate enjoyed by this area with its clayey calcareous soil, the process carried out entirely by hand and the technology used in production processes, contribute to the production of important wines, representing, at the same time, the Italian, the Piedmont and Monferrato excellences in the world. The estate is surrounded by 100 hectars, 20 of which dedicated to vine cultivation. Here grow the most famous Piedmont cru: Barbera d’Asti, produced by 80 yeas-old vines; Grignolino d’Asti, a red wine with a dry and tannic finish; Ruché di Castagnole Monferrato, one of the most ancient Piedmont vines, that grows in the estate area only; Malvasia di Casorzo, born by south south-west red grapes. Every Tenuta Montemagno's bottle is created joining together the peculiarity of Monferrato ground, the brilliant intuitions of Tiziano Barea and the expertise of oenologist Gianfranco Cordero.

Tenuta Montemagno 
Via Cascina Valfossato, 9 - Montemagno, Asti 14030, Italy
Telefono: +39 0141 63624
E-mail: info@tenutamontemagno.it

Italian wines in the world: Tenuta Montemagno's Solis Vis Monferrato Bianco DOC Timorasso

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saturday 02 march

Italian wines in the world: Azienda Cantarutti Alfieri's Canto 2016

We have tasted for you Azienda Cantarutti Alfieri's Canto 2016

Italian wines in the world: Azienda Cantarutti Alfieri's Canto 2016
Canto 2016

Color: white
Year of production: 2016
Price: € 12
Annual production: 10.000 bottles
Denomination: D.O.P. Friuli Colli Orientali
Aging: 12 months in inox steel
Grapes: 50% friulano, 25% pinot bianco, 25% sauvignon

The eastern hills of Friuli contain the charm that is typical of the "frontier places", historically enhanced by a population like the Celts who have shaped this unique area , also bringing the cultivation of the vine and a culture that it seems so far away, but today it is still very strong, and i'ts clearly showed with the innovation and research that Antonella Cantarutti and her team puts daily in the cultivation and processing of grapes in a geographical framework that allows the Julian pre-Alps to embrace the sea.
Friuli Colli Orientali is a name that contains a wide variety of native vines, which on lands rich in calcareous clays and sandstone, bring in the grapes the strength that is now an integral part of the Friulian people, softened by the sea breeze so important to complete this captivating harmony.
"Canto" is the name that Antonella has given to her wine, a white wine belonging to the local DOC that comes with bright yellow notes and then to the nose makes us immerse in a rose garden evolving with clear hints of tropical fruit salad to close in the mouth with the expressions of a symphony that with a character of extreme pleasure brings out all that is contained in the skilful assembly of the vines and that make the "Canto" a real choir that marries a food and wine combination that can start from an aperitif on the terrace accompanied by seafood from the nearby Adriatic up to the Cjarsons, delicious ravioli with aromatic herbs typical of the area.

Company Profile 

The company was founded in the late 60s, an era in which the winemaking and the Friulian enology were at the beginning and the wine began to be present in the major Italian squares. It was therefore the farsightedness of Alfieri Cantarutti to lead him to believe and invest in these, now become famous, hills. It is precisely thanks to his enthusiasm and attachment to the traditions that the company now boasts a business area of ​​over 70 hectares, of which more than 50 all cultivated with vineyards of great value. The same sentiments of the time were transmitted to Antonella, daughter of Alfieri, always at the helm of the company. Assisted by her husband Fabrizio, Antonella follows with determination and perseverance the commercial and administrative aspects, while Fabrizio takes care of the vineyards, the grape harvest and the vinification. The vineyards cultivated with the utmost care and attention are now the most representative natives of the Region , then Friulano, Ribolla Gialla, and Pignolo along with those of international quality such as Pinot Grigio, Pinot Bianco, Merlot and Sauvignon and Pinot Nero.

Azienda Cantarutti Alfieri Soc. Agr. Semplice
Via Ronchi, 9
33048 San Giovanni al Natisone (UD)
Tel +390432756317 - Fax +390432746055

Italian wines in the world: Azienda Cantarutti Alfieri's Canto 2016

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thursday 21 february

Italian wines in the world: Baglio Del Cristo di Campobello's Lusirà

We have tasted for you Baglio Del Cristo di Campobello's Lusirà

Italian wines in the world: Baglio Del Cristo di Campobello's Lusirà

Color: Red Syrah
Year of production: 2014
Price: 24.00 euros
Annual production: 11,153 bottles
Denomination: Syrah DOC Sicilia
Aging: 14 months in French oak barrels and 14 months in bottle
Grapes: 100% Syrah

Syrah, a noble and ancient vine probably coming from Persia, in the luminous Sicily finds a favorable climate and territory. The Baglio del Cristo di Campbell winery, founded in 2000, with the help of the enologist Cotarella, was able to interpret and express the Sicilian character at its best with this rich, elegant and intense wine.
This wine was born on a deep ground, mixed limestone and chalky, of hilly lay, whose altitude varies between 230 and 270 meters above sea level, where about 5,000 plants per hectare are home (the yield is 80 ql). The grapes are harvested between the last ten days of September and the first of October 2014.
At the sight the Lusirà presents a beautiful compact color, intense red, with evident violet hues, consistent; to the nose it expresses notes of red fruit in spirit, pepper, spices and light balsamic sensations with rhubarb notes. In the mouth we find an explosion of taste sensations attributable to what is felt on the nose, with a finish of tobacco, spices but above all pepper. It is a dry, warm, sumptuous, structured, ample and intense wine, decidedly balanced with noble and velvety tannins, of good longevity, aided by the wooden passage in French oak barrels.
We recommend it with a roast meat, served at around 16/18 °C.

Company Profile
Baglio del Cristo di Campobello winery, founded in 2000, is located in Campobello di Licata, in a hilly position between 230 and 270 meters above sea level and 8,000 meters from the coast. Thirty hectares of vineyard of Agrigento, a unique organism of ten micro-areas, property of fifty hectares. Deep soil, calcareous and chalky, of hilly lay, with a density of 5,000 plants per hectare, all of which are primitive patriarchal of their mother-land and all hand-harvested in small boxes.

Contrada Favarotta S.S. 123 Km 19+200
92023 Campobello di Licata - Agrigento
Tel. +39 0922 877709
Fax +39 0922 883788
Italian wines in the world: Baglio Del Cristo di Campobello's Lusirà
Federica Lago

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saturday 16 february

Italian wines in the world: Ronco Blanchis' Chardonnay Particella 3

We have tasted for you Ronco Blanchis' Chardonnay Particella 3

Italian wines in the world: Ronco Blanchis' Chardonnay Particella 3
Chardonnay Particella 3

Color: white
Year of production: 2017
Price: 12 euros
Annual production: 2000 bottles
Denomination: DOC Collio
Aging: 8 months in wood
Grapes: 100% Chardonnay

We write it without fear of exaggeration: it is one of the best Chardonnay that we have tasted in recent years. The excellent work done by Ronco Blanchis with their Chardonnay "Particella 3" is an excellent job. The name already explains the commitment of the Friulian company to link each of its products to specific vineyards. In this case we are on the summit of the Blanchis hill, right in the vineyard of about one hectare (with marly and sandstone soil) called particle number 3, clearer and more transparent than that.
It is clear that we are in the presence of a perfect terroir to enhance the characteristics of the Chardonnay and the use of wood both during vinification and aging (in barrique, both fermentation and aging for 6 months) does not obscure the identity of the best-known white vine in the world.
Already on the nose the Chardonnay makes perfectly feel its most typical notes starting from the apple, and of the pear but also evident the orange blossom sensations and then more tropical hints of pineapple. In the mouth a very pleasant fresh silkiness, a perfect balance and a very persistent light almond finish.
We paired it with a delicious curry rice.

Company Profile
Ronco Blanchis is a young company located under the slopes of Collio, precisely in Mossa, in the province of Gorizia (Friuli). Founded in 2000, the company have been lead by Giancarlo Palla and his sons Alberto and Lorenzo. However, the land is not so young, on it there once was a company that produced by another name, and with it it’s possible to go back up to the Hapsburg Empire. The fact that the vineyards have been active for a long time, has allowed Giancarlo and his sons to immediately start the business and produce quality wines that are representative of the territory.

Italian wines in the world: Ronco Blanchis' Chardonnay Particella 3

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sabato 16 febbraio

Italian wines in the world: Chardonnay Particella 3 di Ronco Blanchis

Abbiamo degustato per voi Chardonnay Particella 3 di Ronco Blanchis

Italian wines in the world: Chardonnay Particella 3 di Ronco Blanchis
Chardonnay Particella 3

Colore: bianco
Anno di produzione: 2017
Prezzo: 12 euro 
Produzione annua: 2000 bottiglie
Denominazione: DOC Collio
Affinamento: 8 mesi in legno
Uvaggio: 100% Chardonnay

Lo scriviamo senza paura di esagerare: è uno dei migliori Chardonnay che ci è capitato di degustare in questi ultimi anni. Un ottimo lavoro quello realizzato da Ronco Blanchis con il loro Chardonnay “Particella 3”. Già il nome fa capire l’impegno dell’azienda friulana di collegare ogni suo prodotto a specifici vigneti. In questo caso siamo sulla sommità della collina Blanchis, proprio nel vigneto di circa un ettaro (con suolo marnoso e arenarie) denominato particella numero 3, più chiari e trasparenti di così.
Si capisce bene che siamo in presenza di un terroir perfetto per esaltare le caratteristiche qualitative dello Chardonnay e l’utilizzo del legno sia durante la vinificazione che l’affinamento (in barrique sia la fermentazione che l’affinamento per 6 mesi) non oscura minimamente l’identità del più noto vitigno bianco a livello mondiale.
Già al naso lo Chardonnay fa sentire perfettamente le sue note più tipiche a partire dalla mela, e della pera ma evidenti anche le sensazioni fiori d’arancio e poi sentori più tropicali di ananas. In bocca una piacevolissima fresca setosità, un equilibrio perfetto e un finale di leggera mandorla molto persistente.
L’abbiamo abbinato ad uno squisito riso al curry e abbiamo fatto centro.

Company Profile
Ronco Blanchis è una giovane azienda situata ai piedi dei declivi del Collio, precisamente nel comune di Mossa, in provincia di Gorizia (Friuli). Nata nel 2000, l’azienda vinicola è stata condotta fino ad oggi da Giancarlo Palla ed i figli Alberto e Lorenzo. A Mossa Giancarlo e i suoi figli si sono trovati tra le mani un territorio molto fertile, su cui precedentemente sorgeva un’azienda che produceva con altro nome e attraverso la quale è possibile risalire fino all’impero asburgico.

Italian wines in the world: Chardonnay Particella 3 di Ronco Blanchis

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