I tasting di Wine Meridian non vogliono limitarsi a raccontare le caratteristiche dei vini ma riuscire ad entrare nella filosofia produttiva di un’azienda, nell’anima più autentica di un territorio al fine di poter comunicare al mondo la straordinaria ma complessa eterogeneità del nostro giacimento vitienologico.
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Italian wines in the world: Tenuta Desmontà's Denxo 2013

We have tasted for you Tenuta Desmontà's Denxo 2013

di Giovanna Romeo

Scheda tecnica

  • Name: Denxo
  • Color: Red
  • Year of production: 2013
  • Price: on request
  • Annual production: 3,000 bottles
  • Denomination: IGT
  • Aging: 2 years in French and American oak tonneaux
  • Grapes: 70% merlot 15% cabernet sauvignon 15% winemaker secret

Interesting expression of Valpolicella Superiore with a great taste and freshness. Veronese classic grapes are harvested manually and macerated for about 15 days. Maturation takes place in large oak barrels for a period of at least 10 months, introducing a dimension that moves towards linearity, restoring tension and very welcome immediacy without losing body and volume and that aristocratic texture that marks an iconic wine like Valpolicella Superiore .

This wine is an oenological project that blends together the care for the territory, the meticulous processing of the grapes, the identity of a single area, unrepeatable combinations anywhere else in the world. Valpolicella is in fact a variegated system of valleys that descend like a fan from the Venetian Pre-Alps of Lessinia to the alluvial plain of Verona. A historical territory whose DOC was recognized as far back as 1968.

Rocca Sveva Valpolicella Superiore is a territory's ability to emerge through wine, opening up to a rose of refined style aromas that embody the idea of ​​lightness. Delicate nuances of ripe cherry, red berry fruit, turmeric and Darjeeling tea, with a soft and spherical taste. Fresh hints of an autumn knocking on doors.

To be sipped meditating, or with a Risotto alla monzese, saffron and sausage luganega.

Company Profile

The history of the Bixio family dates back to 1866, when the Genoese Nino Bixio, Garibaldi's lieutenant and right-hand man, found himself in the Verona area following the battle of Custoza, and lived a love story with a local noblewoman. Alfonso, born from the relationship between the two, owned some lands located in Soave and since then, for five generations now, the heirs of the family have been involved in the cultivation of vines and the production of excellent wines.


Poderi Bixio
Via Corte Fornari 36
San Bonifacio , VR 37047 IT