Where we should have been in these days was at Vinitaly with our ‘’wine meridian’’ best wine communication award.
Unfortunately, we couldn’t meet each other in Verona, but this unforeseen event has not stopped Italian wine companies from pursuing their communication activities.
On that front, in our opinion, there is a company that carried out a campaign totally perfect, whether for contents either for format.
What we are talking about is the well-known Abruzzi company Masciarelli that has been using social media to spread a video by the title ‘’Stay at home and drink responsibly Italian!”
Utilising the art of animation, the video shows how the current emergency situation is affecting wineries as well, but it also highlights that the way by which nature is taking its course does not represent any contamination risk neither for packaging nor for shipping.
Wine beauty embraces the possibility of ‘’remote connection’’ among people, especially in these challenging times in which we are asked to stay distant; that’s the message Masciarelli wants to come across.
Therefore, the reason why we chose to remotely award Masciarelli as the best communication in this time of crisis is: “Through its communication campaign, Masciarelli company succeeded in spreading a brilliant message which reassures people in a way that is both objective and smart. Moreover, he brought out remarkable values of wine life such as quality and sharing”.

Watch the video here