The line Val dei Molini is born from one of the most suggestive valleys near Lake Garda, crossed by the Tesina river, a stream originating on the slopes of Mount Baldo that crosses the hilly territory of Costermano and Garda to flow into the lake. A quality project that finds full dimension in a territory, a true treasure trove of wonders, very suitable for viticulture. The attestation comes from the recent awards from wine critics who confirmed the Gold Medal for Custoza Doc Val dei Molini 2020 at the MUNDUS VINI 2020 International Wine Grand Prix. Telling traditions through a fresh, straightforward, fragrant, pleasant glass, which it is well suited for enjoying a simple aperitif or dinner on the lake. This is what Cantina di Custoza has always aimed at, which has become a constant reference for the quality and high standards expressed in the Le Selezioni line in the special Val dei Molini tribute. The Tocai Friulano, Garganega, Trebbiano Toscano, Cortese and Chardonnay grapes, vinified in an exclusive blend, add aromas of ripe fruit, flavor, balance and a pleasant aroma that extends into a satisfying after-olfactory persistence in the glass.

The suggested combinations focus on dishes of crustaceans and molluscs. We liked it paired with a classic platter of cold cuts and unseasoned cheeses, served at a maximum temperature of 10 degrees.

Company Profile
Custoza. The history of this name has distant origins, namely in the medieval Verona in which William Shakespeare set “Romeo and Juliet”. Today, those ancient lands, host our 1,000 hectares of vineyards, and their history inspired the founding shareholders to begin selecting the grapes to produce the first Custoza DOC, in 1968. It that year there were only 83 of us, and our beloved Custoza was born by an unstoppable enthusiasm, fed by the passion we have always felt for this land. In 1971 we produced our first Custoza vintage; for us it marked the beginning of a story that was destined to change our land. Today our winery can boast 200 winegrowers; we place 7 million bottles on the market each year, reaching no less than 19 countries in the world. By the selection in the vineyard, we produce our line “Val dei Molini” and “Custodia” “Terre in Fiore” is the ORGANIC selection of Cantina di Custoza, an ambitious project that was made possible by the professionalism of our technical staff.

Cantina di Custoza
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