The vineyard is called Zell and is located on Monte Calisio, in the northern area of Trento. We are in the heart of the Trento Doc appellation and Cantina Sociale Trento produces with the best Chardonnay grapes placed at 500 meters above sea level, Zell selection, a very refined classic method that enhances the vine expressing itself in a dosage of only 6 gr / l of sugars and a total acidity of 6.8 g / l.

Tension and freshness carried out in a very long mouth that pushes towards an articulated taste on territory and culture. The vineyards are located on the large natural terrace characterized by shallow, draining soils rich in marly limestone flakes. Managed according to the criteria of integrated pest management without the use of chemical synthesis products, they are directed towards environmentally friendly practices and a philosophy that embraces respect for nature.

Manual harvest, white vinification and soft pressing, the usual steps for the production of a Trento Doc of great structure, slowly started with its 40 months on the lees to tell the refined nature of a generous soil that enriches it with the smells of the earth , of that mineral breath that makes the fruity set intriguing and the purity of flowers, fern, pine, resins that soften the taste in a final of citrus breath and mineral sensations.

To be enjoyed paired with a trio of tuna, amberjack and salmon tartare.

Company Profile

Cantina Sociale di Trento was founded in 1956 to unite the strengths and ingenuity of small producers in the city and surrounding hills. A wide-ranging project, which starts from the land and goes beyond the history of generations. A project that does not stop and continues to grow with the ambition and values of the of the youngers members. 

Cantina Sociale di Trento
Via dei Viticoltori 2-4 
38123 Trento (TN)
Tel: +39 0461 920186

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