Gewürztraminer, whose name means aromatic Traminer, is a great Italian native vine from the area of ​​Termeno, South Tyrol. This is a changing, refined vine, with a small cluster and a thick-skinned grape, it is characterized by its pink pulp and intense aroma and olfactory taste, a persistent and delicate trait in whose sips of character and personality emerge the floral notes of rose and geranium, those spiced with cloves and tropical fruit masterfully combined with a balanced acidity.

Cantina sociale di Trento’s Goccia D’Oro is a label produced from grapes grown in small oases on alluvial soils. The vineyards of the city of Trento, an integral part of the landscape and of the large family of the “vineyards of Trentino and the Dolomites”, represent the winemaking heart of the city. Vinified according to the classic white processing, fermentation at low temperature (17-19 ° C), followed by a rest on its lees for a few weeks, it can be rediscovered even more interesting after a few months of evolution in the bottle.

A multifaceted wine to combine with food; the strong structure and its alcohol content make it a white that seeks synergies with dishes of equal intensity and bone, like new combinations such as Thai dishes, rich in spices and a good dose of spiciness, with a sumptuous dish of game or with a taste of spicy gorgonzola.

We tasted it at a temperature of 12 degrees. 

Company Profile

Cantina Sociale di Trento was founded in 1956 to unite the strengths and ingenuity of small producers in the city and surrounding hills. A wide-ranging project, which starts from the land and goes beyond the history of generations. A project that does not stop and continues to grow with the ambition and values of the of the youngers members. 

Cantina Sociale di Trento

Via dei Viticoltori 2-4 

38123 Trento (TN)

Tel: +39 0461 920186

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