An interesting and truly ambitious wine brings into Abruzzo region both to remember ancient vines and to discover modern wine-making formulas. Cantina Tollo’s native vine Pecorino is made with an evolutionary and current vinification in oak barrels for its 50% and the rest in steel, moves a sip that frees a raw material of berries and pergola vineyards extended over a a territory of 2700 hectares that laps the sea. An ideal corner for a production aimed at research and experimentation, the substance that becomes structure, the proud character, the great perfumes.
Pecorino, an early vine, is released on calcareous clay soils in a fresh complexity that smells of history to evoke notes of pear, white peach, sage, bitter almond. Savory taste in a placid, sometimes brackish mouth, is a triumph of citrus fruits and officinal herbs. Concentration and balance are combined with a lively acidity, a minerality that advances overwhelmingly, revealing a good longevity in a final return of hazelnut and excellent persistence.
Seared red tuna and caper mayonnaise, just one of a thousand possible combinations.

Company Profile

Cantina Tollo is one of the most important and consolidated companies in the Italian wine sector. With a presence in all European Union countries, North America and the Far East, it exports 33% of its production, with particular attention to the emerging markets of Russia, India and China. A perfect mix of tradition and innovation, 2,700 hectares of vineyards, barriques and large tonneaux barrels, new aging systems, make Cantina Tollo a lead of Italian wine culture.

Cantina Tollo
Via Garibaldi, 68 Tollo, CH 66010 IT
+39 0871 96251