Nodo d’Amore is Farina’s umpteenth bet won. Farina is one of the historical wineries of the Valpolicella Classica, it’s a winery managed with great competence and innovative spirit by Claudio and Elena Farina, which in recent years has managed to show an extraordinary ability to combine excellence in wine-making with a good vision of the markets.

An example in this direction also comes from the Nodo d’Amore line, a sort of “super Venetian wine” thanks to an absolutely original blend characterized by 65% ​​Corvina, 25% Merlot and 10% Teroldego. The latter varieties are dried for about 20 days before being blended with fresh Corvina. Aging takes place 30% in new barriques and 70% in Slavonian oak barrels. The result is a wine of great depth without being absolutely heavy, excessively powerful. A wine capable of speaking to the whole world which demonstrates how a historic wine territory such as Valpolicella Classica is able to offer wines both of great territorial identity but also of international spirit. On the nose, the 2018 vintage came to us with its elegant notes of red fruit (currant, especially blackberry) in a version of jam, but also clear floral hints of rose petals, violets and cyclamen. All within a spicy texture where notes of cloves and cinnamon and beautiful balsamic sensations emerge. Great balance in the mouth, the structure is felt but the tannin is not invasive and this gives excellent drinkability. We paired it with a classic mixed grill and it was a party.

Company Profile

In a hidden court at the foothills just outside of Verona, in the heart of valpolicella, is a place of great wine producing traditions. An arch made from volcanic rock with an ancient heraldic emblem at its heart gives access to a wonderful 16th century patriarchal home. The winery was founded in early 19th century, from the passion and desire of the founders to exploit and disseminate the huge potential for producing high quality wine from their land. The family business is now in the hands of two cousins, Claudio, Elena, all faces of a young and enterprising third generation, and of Alessandro, emblem of a historical family tradition. At present there are 10 hectares of cultivated business land, plus another thirty-five hectares owned by esteemed collaborators. Our long experience, starting from the careful selection for grapes to the attention during the delicate phases of drying for the production of Amarone and of the tecnique of Ripasso, is accompanied by constant experimentation and a glance towards continous technological innovations. The potential of the business has increased with the improvement of its production processes and the creation of new systems. Wine tasting and reception rooms host visitors and wine enthusiasts alike, in an environnment rich with flavours and emotions. Culture, enthusiasm and character are reflected in all of our wines, which over the years have became quality trademarks of our work.

Azienda Vinicola Farina srl
Via Bolla 11, 37029 Pedemonte – Verona – +39 045 7701349