In the province of Rome (and beyond), Marino Superiore Dop, produced by Gotto D’Oro winery since 1945, expresses the tradition and vocation of the Castelli Romani and it is the reference wine of the territory. Since the 1970s Marino Doc has contributed to the enhancement and presence of Roman wines outside the borders of Lazio, acting as a flywheel for the autochthonous white berried grapes, characterized by the uniqueness of dark, tufaceous and volcanic soils that distinguish the area. Typical grape varieties such as Malvasia del Lazio and Bellone, the latter even mentioned by the Roman Pliny, find their greatest exaltation in blends with Tuscan Trebbiano and White Bombino.

Marino Superiore DOP is the “fabric” label of the winery, a wine full of history, with its own cultural dignity, today’s Italian wine heritage. Still, marine, sapid, it is a pale straw yellow glass, characterized by citrus and fresh fruit scents. Fresh and sufficiently persistent, it closes with a delicate, bitter, slightly almond finish.

We paired it with a dish of tagliolini pasta with seafood followed by a good mixed fry, strictly tasted with a seafront view. The recommended temperature, in our opinion, is no more than 10 degrees.

Company Profile
Gotto d’oro winery preserves the ancient wine making tradition of the fertile Castelli Romani area to the south of Rome, which traces its roots back to Roman times, and gives the company its brand name “Gotto” (goblet).
In fact, the term derives from the Latin guttus, an alternative form of gutus (jug or flask), and indicates a vessel used for drinking wine.
The international reputation of Grotto d’oro’s products is such that they have come to be associated with the history and monuments of Rome itself, the Eternal City.

Gotto D’Oro
Via Del Divino Amore, 347 Marino, RM 00047 IT
Tel. +39 06 9302 2227 

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