This is a strong personality and long-lasting bottle of wine, a wine-making journey of thousands of years enclosed and well represented by the coat of arms on the label, celebrating the glories of ancient Rome. In the Colli Albani area, in a terroir of tuff soils from dormant volcanoes and a luxuriant nature, Poggio Le Volpi winery aims to enhance the recent Lazio appellation Roma DOC creating an intense and very high quality tasting experience.

The Limited Edition ROMA DOC 2017 harvest – awarded with 3 Glasses Gambero Rosso, 5 Grappoli Bibenda and 99 Luca Maroni points- brings you into the place,  one of the most suitable regions for viticulture, with calm wisdom, aware that the work done so far will be able to bring even the most skeptical ones closer.

An important packaging intrigues the winelovers who find confirmation in a gentle olfactory picture and in an experience that leads us to the dark fruit, the roundness of the spices, the intense sip of a vigorous structure with promptly developed tannins.

A taste that excites in the territorial combination with Coda alla vaccinara. Or you can enjoy it, as we did, simply with a platter of aged cheeses.

Company profile

In order to find the roots of Poggio Le Volpi Company we have to make a leap back of almost a century. Everything began in 1920, when Manlio Mergè starts his production of wine and oil. His passion for the land is first transmitted to his son Armando and then to his grandson Felice. Both transform the dream of grandfather Manlio into reality, founding in 1996 the Poggio le Volpi Farm in Monte Porzio Catone.This is a volcanic origin area, herefore its is inherently fertile. Poggio le Volpi represents the first business turning point of the family company.
If Armando started the Monte Porzio Catone production and the transformation of the company from local to a national one, Felice, following the business inclination of his father,becomes enologist leading the company into the circle of the most interesting winemaking companies in terms of production in the Lazio region, achieving high appreciation amongst the national and international niche wine lovers.
Felice Mergè cultivates a modern and varied winemaking tradition, typical of eclectic and ambitious people, just like Manlio and Armando Mergé.
Since 1920 the Mergè story is about territory, passion and quality.

Azienda Agricola Poggio le Volpi

Via Fontana Candida, 3C

Monte Porzio Catone, RM 00078 IT

Tel: Tel: +39(06)94.26.980