We like to talk about wine by first framing the geographical space in which it is: the physical and natural characteristics, the hydrographic ones, the level of anthropization and finally, indulging in those emotions that bind the earth to the sip. Ribolla Gialla is Friuli, an important white that finds depth in the Filare Italia’s project, two families engaged since 1947 in the work in the vineyard with the desire for a circular oenological message, strong attention to the environment and ecological and social support, passages fundamentals enslaved to multidisciplinary work.

The heart of Filare Italia’s business aims to Grave territorial wines including Ribolla Gialla, an expression of purity, history, roots in a balance that belongs to wine, and which cannot ignore the sensitivity of a winery that wants to be modern, current, capable of transmitting itself thanks to a perfect sparkling wine and a Brut dosage.
Here is a unique experience that in its direct expression announces freshness, tension and flavor. The nose reveals yellow flowers, citrus fruits, golden apples, a slight almond note that cautiously emerges in the creamy and balanced sip, in a continuous call of fluid drinkability.

It’s a sparkling wine perfect for an aperitif, to combine with shellfish and tartare.

Company Profile

In 1947 the Gardisan and Tam families were already committed in the vineyards cultivation in the vast territory of middle Friuli. Seventy years later, they created the Greenway Group and went further, with the Filare Italia project. The wines of Filare Italia are “easy drinks”, adapted to new lifestyles, but above all, they are produced on the basis of a circular economy and a strong attention to the environment, with the sustainability that assumes a fundamental relevance.

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