Triangolo 2016 of Terre Gaie’s prestige line is a single identity in a blend of grapes of character and temperament. The place of origin is the Euganean Hills characterized by non-heterogeneous shapes and heights and basaltic rocks of volcanic origin soil and subsoil. Hundreds of almost isolated reliefs in the Venetian plain make this specific territory an ideal place for vines and viticulture, incredibly hospitable for international varieties such as Merlot and Cabernet. Triangolo is a blend of sensations modeled on a production strategy aimed at tension, freshness and quality.
This wine is an Euganean red that is fixed in an emotional context where the desire to drink is imposed with simplicity. Evidently complex, it has a broad, ethereal nose, an echo of ripe fruit, cherries, coffee and undergrowth. A delicate vinosity recalls the fermenting vat while the dry, horizontal mouth, with velvety tannins stretches towards a finish with a fruity tone. An exceptional vintage for persistence and aging potential.

We tasted it with a second dish of veal with tuna sauce.

Company Profile

Terre Gaie was fouded in 2004 by Lovo family: Salvatore and Rita united in life inherit the passion for viticulture from their families and they bring this passion in their everyday work transferred with love and enthusiasm to Silvia, the only daughter, their passion, dreams, values and objectives born onto the same vineyards and land Lymph and blood are united again while maintaining the family objectives made of seriousness, commitment and love for the land. story, blended in a real and cohesive Italian family where the personalities Terre Gaie located in the heart of Colli Euganei, is always focused on the exaltation of the terroir, in full respect of the origins and the domestic type of grapes of Colli Euganei ( Eugenean Hills ). The most important features of Terre Gaie are a great ability to reflect contemporary culture, to have a sense to anticipate trends, to respond to innovation, to be able to face the future Terre Gaie is a “small and large” company with a high level of innovation, with the mission is to revalue the production of the Colli Euganei ( Euganean Hills ); different grapes that are grown on different soils, which lead to the vinification of unique wines with an unmistakable volcanic character. There are many differences but what unites our 54 local growers goes beyond any diversity: the vineyards are their DNA. They are proud messengers of their own territory of their identity and culture, our growers strive every day to achieve the highest quality by carefully following the vineyards work’s procedures dictated by our company , that are based on the respect for nature and the environment.


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