Recently, a significant new study on the state of Prosecco in three main foreign markets was conducted: USA, Canada and UK. It is an important and valuable analysis that seeks to investigate the health status of Prosecco (in its many typologies like as DOC and DOCG) on those now regarded to be the primary end markets.

An absolutely interesting peculiarity about this survey is that it is realized by one of the most authoritative companies historically involved in the Prosecco production, Villa Sandi, the well-known brand property of the Moretti Polegato family, which has been representing for many years a Prosecco key in the most important global wine markets.

Therefore, it is a survey which is able to look closely at the Prosecco markets, directly from the experience of the main well-known sparkling wine sale protagonists (importers and distributors) and of the most authoritative opinion leader (media, sommelier, etc.…).
This study is the result of a partnership between Villa Sandi and Wine Meridian, a magazine that has long specialized in evaluations of the major worldwide wine markets.

“To us, this is a very important project – underlined Flavio Geretto, Global Export Director for Villa Sandi – because we are one of the key firms involved in Prosecco export and in all of its many typologies. We feel it is intriguing and helpful to do research in partnership with Wine Meridian that may be valuable to the entire Prosecco system”.

“Only by deepening the Prosecco development dynamics as much as possible – continues Geretto – will it be possible to ensure a healthy future for this wine type, which is so vital for many wine enterprises in our Country”. As a result, more than a hundred buyers and opinion leaders from the Prosecco industry were chosen and a questionnaire was sent to them.

They will be able to share their opinions on the state of the Prosecco market as it stands through the poll, on the distinction between Prosecco DOC and Prosecco Valdobbiadene Conegliano Superiore DOCG, on it positioning, and, especially, on its future’s perspectives. To the workers in the sector, it will be asked which actions are today more suitable to guarantee the right Prosecco positioning and image in the different markets taken into consideration. As a result, there is high anticipation for the survey’s results, which will be released in the coming months.

We are genuinely eager to learn more about the outcomes – concluded Geretto – because we think they will give us precious indications to understand not only the Prosecco current health condition in the most important international markets, but they will also give us useful information on how to guarantee Prosecco competitiveness in the near future”.

To participate in the survey: