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English News Martedi 02 Febbraio 2021

Bosio Family Estates closes its 2020 financial report

The results of the year just ended confirm an impressive presence abroad, report the entry into significant new markets and important strategic investments in tangible and human resources.

Bosio Family Estates, winery known in the world for its Moscato, Barbera and Barolo, is historically an expression of the Bosio family and is currently led by Valter Bosio, son of the founders Egidio and Angela, who laid the foundations of the winery in 1967, and by his wife Rosella with the help of their son Luca, who also shares the family's passion and mission with his wife Valentina.

The family estate includes a winery in Santo Stefano Belbo, Moscato d’Asti area, and another in Verduno, in the Barolo area, they have an extension of 25 hectares of vineyards, with cultivations of barolo, barbaresco, barbera, moscato and other  Langa vines. 

The Estate is completed by 500 hectares managed by local winemakers who collaborate permanently with the family, and whose vineyards are managed by the Bosio agronomists, together with the individual owners, for a qualitative result that meets the expectations of the winery standards and the requests of the various reference markets.

In a year difficult to forget for the global wine market, Bosio has a production of 5.9 million bottles and once again attests this year its strong "glocal" vocation. The Bosio Family Estates employs 32 employees and manages the following brands: Bosio, Luca Bosio vineyards, Truffle Hunter LEDA, Antico Monastero, Bel Colle, Tropical Moscato, Bigio's and Passato. The latter is the project on organic wines, which is starting this year with 4 denominations (Barbera d’Asti DOCG Superiore, Langhe DOC Chardonnay, Barbera d’Alba DOC, Langhe DOC Nebbiolo). The name of this project, meaning “past” in Italian, conveys the winery’s desire to return to a no longer conventional agriculture, to an organic product without pesticides in the vineyard: a return to old peasant traditions, to a temporal scan dictated by wine, and not from the rhythms of current life.


The company has a total turnover of 20.2 million, of which 16 million are made with the export and represent the 79% of the whole sales. This is a declaration of intent for the Bosio family which is deeply rooted in the Langa hills but bravely striving to conquer foreign markets.

About 4.8 million bottles were sold abroad in 2020, with the European market as the main target, with 40% in value compared to total exports and 1.5 million bottles sold; America accounts for 31% of the foreign sales, with 2.1 million bottles; followed by 1.2 million bottles exported to the Asian area, which represents the 28% of total exports in value.

In spite of the sector difficulties induced by the pandemic, Bosio manages in 2020 to enter new markets like Ukraine, Thailand, Mexico, Belize, Trinidad & Tobago and India, and to strengthen its presence in Denmark, Germany, Australia with the acquisition of new customers. 

In line with the constraints imposed by the pandemic, the family has directed its business strategies in the direction of expanding the off-trade channel throughout the world. But if not asking too much of restaurants, hotels and wine bars and relying on the major national and international e-commerce platforms was a must, Bosio did not play in defense in the face of closures, blockades and fears of the pandemic; the basic strategic line, on the contrary, was that of organization and construction, as evidenced by the important investments made during the year, in tangible assets and in human resources.

The production department has been adapted with a bottling and production line, for an investment of approximately 3 million euros, which brings the production capacity to 10,000 bottles / hour; and saw the entry of a new human resource.

The Bosio team was also enriched in the commercial area, with 5 new resources as many strategic sectors for consolidation and post-Covid restart. In particular, the Italian sales team saw the entry of Marco Sodini, who will support Luca Trivellato in the development of the on-trade channel, and of 4 new resources who will strengthen the foreign commercial team with targets in 3 reference territories: Matteo Parolari will deal with the development of new business opportunities on the European market, with particular focus on the GDO market and online sales; Benjamin Birot and Jolene Li will follow the development of the markets of Asia and Oceania, with particular focus on China; Alejandro Panighini will deal with the development of the South and Central American market. All the resources of the foreign sales team answer to Francesco Balocco, Export Director of the company, and go to strengthen the team in order to support the great growth in exports that Bosio has achieved and is consolidating in recent years.


This investments are justified only by the foresight and strategic horizon of those who want to govern the market and certainly not of those who suffer from the uncertainty. The inclusion of another professional resource, in the person of Erika Bera, who is responsible for marketing and social media; a sector to which Bosio recognizes strategic importance, in the face of an awareness that, on the other hand, in the wine sector in general, is not yet homogeneous.

From our Wine Meridian observatory can attest that in contexts of contraction and difficulty such as the current one, the difference is made by the mental attitude and, for the entrepreneur, the strategic vision, and not just the rigor in spending.

The recovery, hopefully soon, risks catching companies in the wrong time, without a clear commercial strategy and a related investment policy. But this does not seem to be the case: in addition to the applause for the results achieved in 2020 and for the initiatives put on track, we can limit ourselves to wishing the management and the renewed team of professionals of Bosio Family Estates good work, for a 2021 full of new forays into foreign markets and further growth in already consolidated areas.