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English News Lunedi 10 Gennaio 2022

Bosio Family Estates confirms its desire to grow and its strong inclination to investment

The market rewards the quality and the numbers of a family that keeps giving value to their past by opening to market’s perspectives and quality frontiers.

di Claudia Meo

The recent grape harvest– with Luca Bosio – was the occasion to make a point on the state of art of the initiatives of the family that keeps – in Barolo, Barbera and Moscato – enriching the company’s fortune with new investments and by collecting important enological and market’s critics results.


2021 Grape Harvest

Using his own words, the 2021 Grape Harvest “did not start in the best way, with low returns invalidated by the spread drought and other extreme atmospheric events like hails and frozen springs. However, the quality appeared to be high from the beginning, with condensed but balanced fruits. In the most complicated years, with the weather acting out, the parcel viticulture appears to be the most important one: it is known by our eldest and in the Langa they are translated in cru. These vineyards, in our case Monvigliero for Barolo and Pajoré for Barbaresco, that gave us the best satisfactions due to their capacity to perfect adaptation which is almost like blending with the territory and being able to amortize the most extreme situations. A credit must be given to the production of biological wines, entering at full regime in the 15 hectares destined to it; what once was an experiment is now becoming a success, both agronomic and enological”.


The invested fortune grows

Besides the attention to the vineyard, Bosio keeps a profound diligence and dedicates energies to strengthening of the producing system.
In particular, being in the moment where it is necessary to adapt all the systems to the growing producing necessities, a new bottling line has started along with the market’s requests; mentioning once more Luca Bosio’s words: “not only numbers – that today arrive to 10.000 bottle per hour – but also advanced technology to protect and preserve the product’s quality that, during the last producing process, needs the most attention”.
The Bosio family also puts a high-quality level of attention to the wine tourism sector: on September 25th in the Bel Colle cellar, it was inaugurated a new structure which is assigned to the tasting room, the wine shop and a modern and versatile welcoming space that lends itself as both a week-end hospitality – typically reserved to wine lovers – but also a business meeting room for byers and importers. The assumption of a dedicated resource allows the company to not only value the direct selling channel, but first and foremost it allows the company to represent a strategic point on the territory which is able to canalize the visitors attracted to the territory’s food and wine richness inside the company – for example the Fiera internazionale del Trtufo Bianco di Alba – while also discovering a binomial wine-food that from this part of Piemonte arrives to the top world’s fame.


Market and Critics value Bosio Family Estates

However, the wine critics has been giving the Bel Colle wines the first place in ranks for a long time: the medal collection accepts recognition by Mundus, Wine Enthusiast, Robert Parker and James Suckling for the Barolo DOCG Monvigliero; on the same page is Barolo DOCG Simposio; the Barbaresco DOCG Pajorè has been crowned  by Gambero Rosso with the prestigious recognition by tre bicchieri, Mundus, Wine Hunter, Robert Parler and Decanter WWA; these are only a few examples of the excellences that live in the Bosio Company, which is not less desired that the best examples of white Alba Truffle.

A quality success that has been confirmed by the best international critics. These recognitions are even more valuable if we consider that the Family Estate of Santo Stefano Belbo has only been recently recognized by the Tedesco Itqf study in partnership with the Repubblica Affari&Finanza, between the 600 companies considered as core center of the Italian economical restart.
This is an honor place for those realities that, despite an adverse macro-economical picture, registers important results, keep creating work places, distributing wellness and giving back richness to the territory.
It is a national recognition that in a moment like this is even more valuable than the stars in an etiquette.