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English News Lunedi 11 Luglio 2016

Cantina di Soave winery: growing in line with the territory

The Cantina di Soave winery has a great responsibility for the present and the future of the glorious Italian white wine. Respect for the environment, product positioning and human resources will all play a significant role in the wine's future

Talking about generational handover in the Soave denomination is not possible without consulting the most important player on the scene, the Cantina di Soave winery.

Furthermore, cooperatives are going through a generational handover, even though in a different way compared to private wineries, which involves not only production (the associates themselves) but also the administrative structure (from the winery itself to communication).

So we believe it is really important to examine future plans, hopes and concerns together with the most important producer of the denomination.


When meeting with great producers whose destiny relies heavily on their image, on their reputation and, generally, on the economy of a territory and of a denomination, generalization and, even worse, easy demagogy are to be avoided at all costs.

For almost twenty years Bruno Trenini has been the General Director of the Cantina di Soave winery, not only one of the most important Italian cooperatives but also the largest player on the Soave and Valpolicella scene. He is very aware of the responsibilities his winery has towards the area where it is located.

"Believing that great producers do their job without properly thinking about the consequences that such actions may have on the production area is wrong, very wrong. As a matter of fact, the largest wineries are the first to be deeply interested in having a denomination with a good reputation and a good location because they invest large amounts of money to manage production and markets and they absolutely need economic sustainability".

Bruno Trentini welcomes us as such. He is a very experienced wine manager with the admirable quality of always saying what he believes and never hiding behind words.

He explains: "I think that the Cantina di Soave winery contributed a lot to the image of the great Italian white wine and it is always trying to improve not only the product but also the image of the product itself, as proved by the growth of the Rocca Sveva brand, which has become a clear indicator of the high quality of  our denomination and won many prestigious, international awards".

"Our denomination and our commercial success and reputation very much depend on each other and we would be reckless not to take care daily of that relation. Which is why, for example, we are actively involved with consortia safeguarding the area to give not only our economic contribution but also to plan strategies to preserve the position of our wines. The Amarone della Valpolicella is a concrete proof of that. Even though we can produce more, we instead chose to responsibly grow without risking losing the position of such a great wine from Verona".

To Trentini, what is important is understanding ones own production potential and, at the same time, intimately knowing how the markets operate.

He says: "Sometimes, some Italian SMIs face difficulties in being competitive not only because of their size (which however remain a problem) but also because they do not possess the necessary skills and human resources to face the complexity of today's markets. Prices become the only instrument in their possession and, without the right size, the risk of leaving the market is high. Which is why I believe that an entrepreneurial attitude, strength in numbers and human resources knowledge are fundamental to be competitive on every market".

What about Soave and its future? What does the most important player of the Soave denomination think?

"I am one of those seeing the glass half full. I honestly think that the situation of such a great Italian white wine is objectively good. The sales have grown over the last two years, from 400.000 hl sold in 2014 to 420.000 hl last year. I think that, thanks to the promotion done by all the producers and by our Consortium, we are coping with the evolution of the markets and with the undeniable competition by other products, such as Pinot Gris and Prosecco".

He then concludes: "Which is why I would like to point out that, in such a complex phase, against two strong competitor such as Prosecco and Pinot Gris, Soave was the only competitive Italian white wine. And we shall never forget that".