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English News Mercoledi 27 Luglio 2022

Dealing with difficulties in the wine market?

It is inevitable to run into difficulties of every-kind when working in the wine field. There are only three path to cover to resolve the market’s challenges; which one are you choosing?

di Veronica Zin

In front of a difficulty, the typical reaction of the majority of managers and businessmen is… to look for someone to blame. When something does not work out the way we want, when we fail our goals, when we are not able to close a settlement, automatically we blame something, someone or ourselves.

When we blame something, we think of this: “It is because of the prices increase that I am not able to sell wine abroad”, “It is because of the pandemic if I find myself with a work team which is little concentrated and non-proactive”.

Think about when we blame someone: “It my boss’s fault because he does not let me manage the negotiations”, “It is my importer’s fault because they are not pushing the wine hard enough in the market”.

And, finally, let us think about this when we blame ourselves: “It is my fault because I am not able to make myself be understood with my agents”, “It is my fault because I am not able to let my colleagues understand why the prices have increased”.

It is right through the blame research that we live the greater part of the difficulties we encounter during our working days. Well, if that blame is found in or out does not matter: both are behaviors that do not help us progress. The blaming game is one that, in the end, makes us all loose. First of all, it makes us loose time, energy and clarity of mind.

Fortunately, it exists a third path, though. It is a much mor efficient path with respect to the blaming technique.
Answering. Answering to difficulties, to obstacles and to failures.

Stop wasting time looking for people to blame in your professional life because it is not worth it.
Rather, focus on what you want to do NOW, not on who or what, UNTIL NOW, did not allow you to reach you goals.

Answer to your life, do not be subjected to it hiding behind the blaming and guilty hunt.