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English News Giovedi 06 Ottobre 2022

Gotto d’oro becomes the hub for a virtuous recycle of the corks

The renowned Marino winery is the protagonist of an innovative social project which combines circular economy and support to less lucky communities.

di Claudia Meo

A social origin partnership that draws a new collaboration format between companies of the wine compartment and social operators is born. We wish for this project to inspire more good practices starting from wine.

ETICO is a PROJECT BY Amorim Cork Italia, leader company in the corks supply, which for more than ten years now has had the goal of recovering used corks and give a new life to the noble material of which they are made of.

Gotto d’Oro’s merit is the one of creating today a connection between Amorim Cork Italia and Assohandicap Onlus by Marino, which in 36 years of actions in the Lazio territory has been assisting and rehabilitating the disabled, serving more than 400 users. Thanks to the triangular conventions signed a few days ago, Amorim Cork Italia will donate to Assohandicap Onlus 700 Euros for each ton of cork gathered, thanks to a strategical points chain positioned on the territories, one of which will be inside the Cantina, and will give a first example of the gathering of any corks type.

Aware of the raw material value and of its recycle social value, Gotto d’oro adopted the use of cork in almost every line of its production: among them all, the recent Linea Settantacinque75, born to commemorate the 75 years of foundation, has a young and “green” spirit to enhance the tradition of Rome and Lazio wines with a more dynamic and youthful language and appearance. From Frascati Doc to Vermentino Igt Lazio 2020, from Castelli Romani Doc Rosso to Cesanese Igt 2021: labels that have received excellent wine reviewer ratings.

The "Vinea Domini" line, destined to the food service with Roma DOC, Lazio DOCG etiquette and other interesting native and international expressions. These are labels that represent the excellence of the Gotto d'oro production and enhance the native vines and the Doc / Docg of Lazio, such as the six single-variety Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Viognier, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Petit Verdot, or four native varieties from Lazio Roma Doc Red and White, Frascati Superiore DOCG and Cesanese del Piglio DOCG.

A choice, the one of the corks recycle, and more in general, the one of circularity, which today more than ever, the companies are called to consider: a precious yet scarce material, which for its own nature has a second life; in a contest of internal prices increase, between dry materials, logistics and energy, it can be esteemed more than 30% price increase. Wine can and should give its contribution in the future economic plan, in which nobody should be left behind and the earth resources should not be used and then thrown away.

Gotto d’oro and Amorim Italia have been working together for years and the recent agreement seals a communion of intents even on the social front; Amorim makes the “Etico” box available for the Onlus to gather the corks and the association takes care of positioning them in strategic places, with different sensibilization actions.

Gotto d’oro’s social vocation, which today finds its own confirmation in the sealed agreement, has, on the other hand, already been written in number: 200 associates, 120.000 quintals of grapes worked for the valorization of the territory and the re-distribution of the added value in the Castelli Romani production tissue; today its mission is enriched by a prestigious social profile which will not lack in qualifying meritoriously the notoriety of the brand.

In the words of the President Engeneer Luigi Caporicci, it can be sensed all the satisfaction for a job well done: “Our company has always had the desire to combine noble functions. The Progetto Etico, through this union, is an expression of environmental, social and educational issues. The next step will consist in raising public awareness regarding the reasons for the use of recyclable materials that are good for the environment, such as cork".

The social message inherent in the initiative is very strong, which calls each of us, and the wine world as a whole, to ensure that entrepreneurship also plays a role of redistribution of "luck" towards those who need more attention.

Additionally, it makes us at Wine Meridian happy and delighted to share the news of a successful mingling of realities dealing with various industries for a shared interest in sociality: with our heartfelt wish that this wave of solidarity reveals a strong contagious charge on the Lazio territory and of the whole enological Italy.