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English News Mercoledi 09 Febbraio 2022

Italian Wines in the World: Seiterre's Maso Bianco, Trento DOC

We tasted for you Seiterre's Maso Bianco, Trento DOC.

di Giovanna Romeo

Scheda tecnica

  • Name: Maso Bianco Trento DOC
  • Color: White
  • Year of production: 2020 or 2021
  • Price: 16,90€
  • Annual production: 5000-6000 bottles
  • Denomination: Trento DOC
  • Aging: Classic method - 36 months in bottle on its lees
  • Grapes: 100% Chardonnay

When can we say that a wine is good? Maybe when its simplicity, which I personally find in full and transparent correspondence with the place of origin, overwhelms you in a passionate drink, that is when the taste sends the brain synapses into a tailspin and only wine is perceived. Or maybe when it shows its strong personality, a sapid and mineral tension, in this case that of Vallagarina in the shadow of Castello di Avio. This tension is channeled into the power of Chardonnay - obtained exclusively from selected grapes -, through the complexity of a bouquet that moves from floral to fruity, from pastry notes to the roundness of melted butter to finally fade into an infinite persistence.

Seiterre winery has a story of over one hundred years. It was the beginning of the last century when viticulture took the place of traditional mixed crops. Giovanbattista, born in 1877, believed in viticulture very much, and with the Rizzi farm he started a wine-growing path that today finds full realization in Seiterre winery. Maso Bianco Trento DOC is an elegant wine, the magic of a territory that elevates the enchantment of sunny valleys, intense and refined aromas of almond and white flowers, candied fruit, pastry of warm croissants.

A light and at the same time complex sparkling wine to be combined with fish first courses such as Paccheri with lobster or Linguine with shrimps.


Company Profile

Seiterre is a historic Italian winery with 150 years of experience. Born in 1877 in Trentino, it then extended to other best wine areas in Italy such as Veneto, Piedmont, Tuscany, Friuli and Lombardy. Tradition, history and passion are intertwined with innovation, research and quality. These are the values ​​that have been handed down from generation to generation by the Rizzi family, represented today by Luigino Rizzi (Owner, Oenologist - 4th generation) and Anna Rizzi (Head of Foreign Market Development - 5th generation). The company has always paid close attention to nature and sustainability, earning the "National Quality System of Integrated Production (SQNPI) - Sustainable Quality" certification.



Via Gardesana Orientale 3101, 37067
Salionze di Valeggio sul Mincio, VR