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English News Martedi 28 Giugno 2022

Keep up on wine tourism with Wine Meridian: our International Wine Tour takes over Europe!

Our Italian Wine Tour goes global, exploring the many forms of hospitality provided by foreign wineries. Follow us to discover new wineries all over the world!

di Lavinia Furlani

Over the course of the last two years, our iconic camper Gino has traveled more than 14,000 kilometers across an Italy full of wine traditions and picturesque landscapes, collecting anecdotes and sharing fantastic wine tourism experiences. In the new climate of restart fostered by 2022, the global wine industry reinvents itself as an even more appealing travel destination for wine enthusiasts: wine is culture, hospitality, and a multimodal experience.

From our Wine Meridian headquarters, where we are continuously monitoring the situation, we thought: "Why not look beyond Italy for inspiration to enhance our wine tourism model? What do other nations have to teach us about hospitality?".

To answer these questions, we've made the decision to go on a new journey, starting with a springtime trip to South Africa and continuing into the summer with a tour that will take us to new places and vineyards across all of Europe. The Italian Wine Tour expands to encompass the most known wine tourist places on European land, as well as the testimonials of the top worldwide wine specialists.

Where and when will we begin? Our summer International Wine Tour will kick off in a few days in Portugal, but we don't want to give you too many specifics about the other destinations... Stay tuned!

Our goal

The tour's purpose is to educate our readers and followers about the different wineries, products, and territories while also offering comprehensive information on the numerous wine tourism options available across the world.
Similarly to last year, the trip will be streamed live on our social media platforms and on Wine Meridian's pages, where we will share suggestions, mistakes, and stories about the most incredible experiences we will have. The features of the wineries visited and the crucial function of the human resources engaged will be documented as part of this project.

How to support us

You can support us in this adventure by reading our articles full of tactical suggestions and following our heroic adventures on social media.
If you see our camper Gino passing by, don't forget to say hello, take a picture and upload it to social media!

How to participate

If you operate a winery and believe you have a story to share, please contact us at! We will be happy to visit your winery and tell our readers about it.


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