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English News Lunedi 26 Luglio 2021

Lugana Consortium: an announced international success story

The Lake Garda Consortium has recently expanded internationally due to the product's flexibility and the denomination's excellent collaboration

di Agnese Ceschi

With roughly 29 million hectoliters of absolute wine consumption, the United States also reinforced its place as the world's leading market in 2020. Furthermore, they remain the world's leading wine import market, with about 5 billion euros imported from other nations in 2020. Italy holds the record with a 34% import market share, surpassing France's 31%.

The Lugana Consortium is one of the most prominent Italian consortiums, and its presence in the US market has proven to be a valuable strategic and economic asset. Susannah Gold, Lugana Wine Ambassador for the East Coast, described the Lugana experience in the United States during a recent webinar hosted by the Consortium in partnership with Wine Meridian. “The United States is a highly competitive landscape with 50 distinct marketplaces with distinct regulations. This is why market knowledge and visibility are equally vital. In recent years, the Lugana Consortium has organized numerous events (dinners, tastings, webinars, etc.) in the region, and we have discovered that when we come here and talk about Lugana, there is a lot of interest.

According to the Brand Ambassador, the Consortium's charms are numerous: family histories, Lake Garda, and its natural grapes. “At the moment, native vines are in high demand in the United States,” adds Susannah Gold, “so Lugana is seen as a new location to be explored. In the various events we have conducted, we have mixed Lugana with cuisines such as Indian, Chinese, and Mexican.”

“Lugana is lucky to be located in such a conspicuous territorial environment as Lake Garda. Bringing prosperity to the region where wine was born is an incredible added value” said Fabio Piccoli, director of Wine Meridian. "It is a wine that is capable of combining history and modernity: its origins are related to Turbiana, a local grape variety, but it is a special type of white wine that intercepts contemporary consumption patterns, combining complexity with ease of drinking and combinations."

So, what are the tips for approaching the American market now that the epidemic is easing its grip?

Start with the importers, verify contacts and reconnect - explains Susannah Gold - I also recommend continuing to have a digital strategy to reach a wider audience. Virtual tasting will not disappear; we realized that they allow us to contact people we wouldn't ordinarily be able to reach.”

Interaction and communication are unquestionably among the most important success elements that emerged throughout the webinar. “Constant and continuous communication from the denomination's players, especially the leaders, is a guarantee of success. Individual business brands are critical to the denomination's success; they serve as its uniting force. 

To date, only 120 Italian denominations out of 527 have higher exposure, and they are those with a synergistic team,” concluded Fabio Piccoli.