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English News Giovedi 14 Aprile 2022

Restart: now it is time for ''Fact Telling'' for the Italian Wine

We definitely entered the fact telling era, where actions mean more than promises.

di Fabio Piccoli

Vinitaly ended, and it gave us back a wine compartment which was worried about all the actual mysteries but also determined to not let wars, pandemics and price increase overpower it.
All of this is surely reassuring because it is clear that most of us feared to found ourselves in front of broken and scared companies after two years of pandemic and a war which has never been closer to us.
We did not perceive fear and that was surely great news.

But, the so-called “Vinitaly Restart” also demonstrated us that the well-organized companies found, once again, their stands full, dense appointments agendas during the 4 fair days and, especially, a look towards the future which is much self-conscious than the other companies.
It is important to have an identikit of these companies because I think it may be useful for the whole system, especially for the companies that are struggling nowadays.


Vinitaly winning companies Identikit

First of all, we are dealing with companies in which the word “restart” (very much used in the past few months) is absolutely not indicated. In fact, these are realities that actually never stopped: many of those even accelerated during the last two years, not just and not only in sales, but also in the bettering of their organization and structure.
These are the companies that modified their human resources, looking for new ones to add but also investing in the formation of those who were already present in the company.
But, most of all, these are the companies that understood that the “Fact Telling” is worth so much more than the abused and often misleading “Story Telling”.


Why do we need Fact Telling?

If it is true that we entered the so-called “reputational economy”, it must also be underlined how this blessed reputation is built with facts and not with that sea of abstract suggestion that for many years have characterized to many wine companies.
This means, according to me, that we entered the fact telling era, where concreteness prevails on suggestions, where the actions mean more than promises.
And we are realizing it concretely observing numerous fronts in which Italian wine companies are involved, starting from a theme like sustainability that seems to have reached its “first” end of line. In fact, the “sustainability legislation” – to which basically nobody believes in anymore – may be called fake, starting from the consumers that realized that the sea of “legislative” declarations was not born from anything concrete and, especially, comprehensible.

Does this mean that it will not be necessary to arrive to a clearer and, especially, more comprehensible regulation from trade and from consumers?
Obviously, not. But, from now one, those that will not be able to demonstrate concretely in what they are sustainable will lose their battle and it will be a very dangerous defeat, considering where the whole world is going.

But another front that demonstrates how Fact Telling prevails on the emotion’s stimulation is the digitalization topic.
The companies that have long accepted the digital transformation not only as a mere instruments’ choice, but as a true paradigm change in their company management, are now sailing serene respect to those (and those are many) that are asking if a CRM system is useful, or even an up-to-date company website, with adequate contents and so useful and so on and so forth.

Fact Telling is strongly related to all the instruments that allow companies, but also the wine system in its whole, to give better objectivity to their contents.
On this front, for example, all the contributors that the technology is able to give to our wine sector are precious. Vinitaly showed a great deal of that, starting from the great Giovanni Bigot which is able to value objectively the qualitative power of a vineyards through a scientific value method.
To this we can add the “spatial” technology like the one offered by Saturnalia and CTO by Ticinum Aerospace which, thanks to the artificial intelligence applied to satellite data, is able to give objective information and predictions on the quality and the prices of high-quality wines.

If you think about is, these are just two of the possible examples to give and objective content to the beautiful but demagogic affirmation: “Wine’s quality is born in the vineyard”.
Instrument are present today, but to be able to use them efficaciously a profound mind-change, a change in the approach, in the companies’ management and in the denominations is necessary,  
We are in this extraordinary revolution, but it seems that somebody does not want to realize it.