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English News Lunedi 06 Giugno 2022

Seiterre's Gigi Rizzi Collection N°03 Vermentino

We tasted for you Seiterre's Gigi Rizzi Collection N°03 Vermentino.

di Giovanna Romeo

Scheda tecnica

  • Color: Straw yellow with golden shades
  • Year of production: 2020
  • Price: 18,00€
  • Annual production: 2.300 bottles
  • Denomination: IGT TOSCANA
  • Aging: 12-14 MONTHS IN NEW FRENCH OAK BARRIQUES (3 different toasting degrees)
  • Grapes: 100% Vermentino

Gigi Rizzi Collection N°03 is the third moment of an excellence project developed through a long path of 6 different Collection, each one of them unique and peculiar, wanted by the company to represent the great work of Luigino Rizzi, enologist and Seiterre’s owner.
The company, arrived to its 5th generation, did not lose the enthusiasm and the passion for the communication of the vineyards’ values and for the company’s most representative territories, a profound bond consumes respecting traditions and valued by specific “Limited Edition” which pick the great work of selection, attention and cure.
The Gigi Rizzi Collection N°03 brings us in the heart of the Maremma region to glorify a great Vermentino 2020 produced in only 2.300 bottles. The diamond tip of the Seiterre’s quality, of healthy and mature grapes coming from the Tenuta Poggio Le Capannelle in Civitella Paganico, in the Grosseto province, cultivated in 70 hectares of land 50 of which are screwed and put in an altitude of 200 meters on the sea level, is all on the tasting of the 2214 bottle that give us the pleasure of a Mediterranean wine glass, drawing on the sun’s strength, on the sea breeze, on markedly suites soils.
The perfection of the harvest grapes after and accurate selection, gives the wine the intense aromas of the crunchy green apple, of the notes of apricot, of the sweetness of the acacia honey, of the white flowers’ perfume, softened by a mineral force and by a sharp freshness which gives a palatal sensation of great harmony and equilibrium with an elegant sweet almond final.
This wine is perfect paired with grilled squid or with an appetizer with zucchini blossoms and artichokes.


Company Profile

Seiterre is an historic Italian winery with 150 years of experience. Born in 1877 from the passion dedicated by Rizzi family to the cultivation of grape and the production of wine in their winery in Trentino area (North of Italy), Seiterre today, with the fifth generation, means a large company present with its own production on 350 hectares in six different Regions in Italy: Trentino, Veneto, Friuli, Lombardia, Piemonte, Toscana. That’s the meaning of the word Seiterre: 6 territories, 6 different geographical areas, climates, terrains and vines producing the most worldwide famous Italian wines. Seiterre directly manages the process of cultivation of the grapes, harvests and vinification, bottling, packaging, sales, logistic: that’s why our slogan is: “From the Soil to the Table” Keeping the same passion of 150 years ago for the vineyard's cultivation, we implement today the most innovative processes for environmental sustainability both in cultivation, in production and sale of our high quality wines certified by SQNPI. Tradition, history and passion are interwined with innovation, research and quality. These are the values that have been handed from geenration to generation by the Rizzi Family, represented today by Luigino Rizzi (Owner, Oenologist - 4th generation) and Anna Rizzi and Carlo Alberto Manerba (5th generation).



Via Gardesana Orientale 3101, 37067
Salionze di Valeggio sul Mincio, VR
+39 342 790 5259