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English News Mercoledi 01 Giugno 2022

Stocco's Ribolla Gialla Brut

We tasted for you Stocco's Ribolla Gialla Brut.

di Giovanna Romeo

Scheda tecnica

  • Name: Ribolla Gialla Brut
  • Color: Citrine yellow
  • Aging: Short maceration, pressing, static decanting, alcoholic fermetation at 16 degrees and east aging for 6 months, the secondary fermentation in autoclave and yeast aging for 6 months and in bottle for about 1 month
  • Grapes: 100% Ribolla Gialla

A modern oenological expression to reaffirm the strong link with the territory, a suitable area capable of extraordinary interpretations. Stocco winery brings in the glass not only the Ribolla Gialla but all the peculiarities of the grape, so identifiable and fresh enhanced by a natural fermentation and a time of refinement on its own fine lees capable of increasing its structure. A sip that brings with it the territorial sensations, that sublime Friuli where the value of time acquires the meaning of an uncompromising wine heritage. A classic fermentation grants a subtle carbonation that envelops the sip in a pleasant creaminess, a seduction that opens up to floral nuances, acacia flowers and citrine olfactory memories. The refermentation takes place in an autoclave, keeping the aromas and fragrances unaltered.
Ribolla Gialla sparkling Brut, fresh and savory, embodies the strength and respect for the land, essential values ​​of a Grave Friulana that offers unrepeatable wine sensations.
Very pleasant as an aperitif, we tasted it with a platter of Dop San Daniele ham and fresh or aged cheeses from the area.


Company Profile

The name “Stocco” derives from the ancient Italian word for “sword”. The old family crest has long been a symbol of our identity and values: strength, firmness and respect for the land. Our work is guided by these values and is devoted to capturing the scents of our terroir, the “Grave”, so as to craft wines that give you the pleasure of uncovering the nuances, the unique character and the perfect elegance of the Stocco Friulan Wines.


Azienda Agricola Stocco
Via Casali Stocco, 12
Bicinicco, UD, 33050, Italy 
+39 0432 934906