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English News Venerdi 15 Luglio 2022

Tenuta Sant'Antonio - Famiglia Castagnedi's La Bandina Valpolicella Superiore

We tasted for you Tenuta Sant'Antonio - Famiglia Castagnedi's La Bandina Valpolicella Superiore.

di Giovanna Romeo

Scheda tecnica

  • Nome: La Bandina Valpolicella Superiore
  • Colore: Red
  • Anno di produzione: 2018
  • Prezzo: 24,00€
  • Produzione annua: 20.000 bottles
  • Denominazione: DOC
  • Affinamento: 24 months in large 25HL French oak barrels
  • Uvaggio: Corvina e Corvinone 70% - Rondinella 20% - Croatina 5% - Oseleta 5%

The most representative wine of Valpolicella and even more the most representative wine of Tenuta Sant’Antonio, a family and farm with special attention to its territorial context, is Valpolicella Superiore DOCG Single Vineyards La Bandina. Born from the union of the five traditional grapes - Corvina and Corvinone, Rondinella, Croatina and Oseleta -, grown on terraces at 300 meters high, delimited by forest borders on defined heroic slopes and constantly ventilated exposures, it is inserted in the special geographical context of the Mountains Garbi.
Telling the area in a unique way is perhaps the biggest mistake that can be made when talking about Valpolicella Superiore, because it is essential to always connect the terroir to the wine. Yes, because the terroir really tells everything, the territory, the man, the nature and La Bandina, wonderfully included among tall wild trees, is the vineyard where the grapes are selected to be only and always Valpolicella Superiore. Here Corvinone takes on the characteristics of “thinness” drawn from poor and chalky soils of pure calcium carbonate; Rondinella is always quite gentle evoking graceful aromas of rose, Croatina and Oseleta integrate the magnificence of color and tannin - present but defined - accompanying the ripe, spherical and crunchy fruit.
The Bandina therefore does not explode for power but plays with finesse. Intriguing and seductive, it shows strength, grit and finally a palate, marked by the perpendicularity of the sip crossed by hints of violet, graphite, wild herbs, mint and rosemary.
There is all the quality of Tenuta Sant’Antonio's work, conceived with daily and profound respect for the environment, combined with modern technology to support viticulture and winemaking. An interpretation of Valpolicella Superiore that in our opinion surpasses many prestigious Amaroni in beauty and drinkability.
The combination with food is one of the most varied. We enjoyed it with a plate of handmade tortellini from Valeggio sul Mincio  with melted butter and sage.


Company Profile

FAMIGLIA CASTAGNEDI (owner of the Tenuta Sant’Antonio, TÉLOS and SCAIA brands) was established in 1995 as a dream of the four Castagnedi brothers who, coming from generations of winegrowers, were committed to making iconic wines guided by research, experience and passion, giving a new interpretation to terroirs that encompass true milestones of the Veneto, Italian and worldwide winemaking tradition. Valpolicella DOC and Soave DOC.  Located on the beautiful hillsides of Colognola ai Colli, the Estate is an ambitious and constantly evolving business project that has always set rigorous quality as the backbone of production, continually pushing the boundaries of innovation to promote sustainability and excellence. Three brands are produced, Tenuta Sant'Antonio, Scaia and Télos, capable of astounding with labels ranging from Amarone to Soave and Valpolicella. Through them, the family expresses its vision of viticulture, creating each bottle in a unique way and applying the painstaking care of craftsmanship to a production that will captivate consumers worldwide.

Tenuta Sant'Antonio - Famiglia Castagnedi
Via Monti Garbi, Loc. San Briccio Mezzane di Sotto, VR IT
+39 045 765 0383