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English News Mercoledi 29 Giugno 2022

The wine industry's paradox: young people with experience wanted

Many young individuals find it challenging to break into the wine industry.

di Lavinia Furlani

Taking inspiration from the words of an aspiring manager, we have to certify that the companies inclined to invest in the construction of a solid professional profile, made of mature experience in the field and not only position and formation, are truly not so many.

Many young people in Italy spend time and financial resources to acquire competences and formative identifications, but only a few of them are truly sustained in the working world.
The consequence is that many found themselves without the possibility to “lay the foundations”, to acquire security and the knowledge necessary to really deal with the next professional steps, which, it is known, require the improvement given by time and practice.

The young we quoted before writes: “(…) As of today, despite looking constantly at the job offers for roles in a cellar or in a wine company, I did not find anyone willing to invest in a junior figure, with a lot of passion for the product and technical knowledge, but without a solid client portfolio. So, I ask myself: how can the various export managers – which are active in the market – begin and where will the wine world go if nobody invests in young figures?”.

In fact, we ask ourselves the same question too, because it is a rather typical dilemma, with many too-young personalities having spent heavily in their schooling only to find themselves "too old" all of a sudden, without having had the opportunity to develop significantly via significant job experiences.

The set of problems is transversal and common in many fields in which the young occupation is affected by paradoxical situation: on the one hand they look for young figures, with a noteworthy educational expertise, with the typical mental freshness and availability. Together with that, on the other hand, they require a professional experience as noteworthy as their education.

For this reason, we make a plea for the companies:

  • If we want young people to grow in our company, we cannot take for granted for them to arrive already “ready”
  • There should be a strong awareness on how often it is not so productive, especially in the long-term, to only hire professional figures already affirmed and “expert”
  • It would be much more productive to give the possibility to grow to figures internal to the company, transmitting them the most of not only necessary knowledge, but also the company’s spirit profound sense, so that they become efficient ambassadors of the brand.


It would not be necessary, but it is important to say it: it's possible to learn a lot from diverse professional domains in a highly auto-referential realm like wine. This would also reflect the most faithful variety of market dynamics on a daily basis. So, our last advice is not to be focused on wanting human resources with experience at any cost in the wine world.