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English News Martedi 12 Ottobre 2021

Thermal Baths and Colli Euganei: the land of Health and Emotion

It is starting the incoming project for the international promotion regarding tourism’s food & wine products of thermal baths and Colli Euganei destination.

di Agnese Ceschi

Currently, the development of wine tourism in the Italian wine territories appears to be more and more strategic. In fact, wine tourism, as it has been rightfully underlined by the main economic observers, represents one of the ideal tourism models of the so-called “re-start”.

The current pandemic phase has in fact further underlined a consumers’ basic need considered to be more and more strategic: sustainability. And the wine tourism nowadays appears to be the more sustainable among the tourism modalities, because it concerns a tourism of nearness and economical sustainability since it can be developed in plein air, with vineyards and cellars visits.

The destination project TERME E COLLI EUGANEI: THE LAND OF HEALTH & EMOTION, promoted by an ATS composed of 20 economic operators including the leader Consorzio Veneto Terme Colli Marketing, intends to stimulate and promote the recovery of tourism in the post-COVID19 phase at the territory of the OGD Terme and Euganean Hills, welcoming tourists with an integrated and coordinated experiential proposal of a slow type, able to embrace the different souls of the destination and enhance them with dedicated actions on the markets (consolidated and emerging), both at a national level and internationally through the following 4 product clusters: Spa & Health, Nature & Sport, Food & Wine, Art & Culture.

The Strada del Vino Colli Euganei – Colli Euganei Wine Street – finds itself among virtuous destinations in that sense: between the 2022 projects, the Strada del Vino Colli Euganei developed a program based on the promotion of the wine tourism in the destination of the thermal baths and the Colli Euganei which nowadays represent one of the wine tourism areas with greater vocation for the production of “sustainable” wines.
The Colli Euganei represent one of the most interesting and rich territories of environmental biodiversity, culture and production. In the Colli Euganei there is the biggest European thermal area (the Abano Thermal basin) and it is one of the Italian territories with the greatest qualitative vocation regarding the agricultural production, starting from wine.

To make you discover the “richness” of this extraordinary territory the Strada del Vino Colli Euganei organized an incoming program for the international press (Countries like Germany, Austria, UK, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, France) which will allow the selected group of journalists to discover a number of activities in the Colli Euganei territory through a series of experiences from thermal wellness, to the discovery of the best typical production of this area. Besides the thermal hotels and the pre-selected wine companies, a few natural and historical sites, considered to be important, have been included in the program in order to experiment in the best way the tourism offers of the Colli Euganei.

The first press tour is starting in April, following these dates:
9-11 June; 19-21 September, 16-18 October; 13-15 December.