Is this the first edition you have curated?

How many editions of the encyclopedia have been already published (past editions)?
The first edition came out 1998 and the second in 2003.

What do you feel you have added to the publication? In what way do you feel it may be richer?
The edition is 40% larger than the previous, reflecting the increased importance of sparkling wine globally. Each area has been discussed in more depth from Champagne and Prosecco to Australia and Argentina.

How do you rate Italy’s entries? Do you feel there is potential to enlarge on their entries? If so what should the producers do to assist in this mission?
The Italian section is three times larger than before with much more input into Franciacorta, Prosecco and Trentodoc specifically!

Do you feel that your trip to Trentino in 2012 organized by Michele Shah SRL assisted you in increasing your entries of Trentodoc wines?
Absolutely, two days of tastings, visits and discussions with the producers gave a great basis for assessing Trentodoc wines.