The second series of Italian Wine Podcast is now in full swing broadcasting two episodes per week dedicated exclusively to the fascinating world of Italian wine and Italian viticulture. Every Tuesday and Wednesday on SoundCloud and iTunes, and now also on a brand new website, show host Monty Waldin and his guests discuss family and winery histories, native Italian grape varieties, but also broader issues like the increasingly important role of women in the wine business or the effect of global warming on viticulture.

Italian Wine Podcast aims to inform, educate, and entertain about Italian wine through engaging conversations with “Italian Wine People.” These personalities include not only wine producers, but also experts, writers, journalists, and various professionals orbiting the Italian wine scene in Italy and abroad. The podcast is an optimal medium for an engaging and non-invasive storytelling. “Podcasts are much more intimate and less distracting for the guest, and for listeners too,” Monty Waldin says. “The Italian Wine Podcast aims to make Italian wine fun and accessible to listeners of any age group or level of expertise, more a window into the lives and activities of those who are involved in Italian wine, and their tips on how to get the most out of the Italian wine”and food”experience in easy to digest bite-sized chunks.”

The “story” of Italian wine as told by Waldin and his interlocutors speaks of grape biodiversity (with Italy counting the largest number of native grape varieties in the world concentrated on its national territory), of century-long connections with Italian culture, gastronomy, landscape and lifestyle, and of an increasing success internationally.

Italian Wine Podcast has also added another important channel to reach its audiences: a new flagship website, where listeners can find all the episodes along with additional information about the project, instructions on how to subscribe to the various podcast channels, press releases, social media links, a photo gallery and more. With SoundCloud, iTunes and the new dedicated website, Italian Wine Podcast has laid a strong foundation and plans to expand soon on additional broadcasting channels.