Could you tell me more about your restaurant?
La Bussola was opened in 1974 by my father Francesco Coccaro and his partner, my mother then took over as the head chef in 1990. La Bussola is really part of Kelowna’s heritage, we are one of if not the oldest restaurant in the Okanagan. We also have the largest wine selection in the Okanagan and one of the largest in Western Canada. I started working at La Bussola in a managerial position starting in 2006 and have overseen the development of the wine program, wining international awards from Wine Spectator since 2007. We take food and wine seriously, hosting wine maker dinners every 3 months, and developing educational tastings regularly.

How would you describe your avarage customer?
Our customers are like our family, lots of the customers have been dining at La Bussola long before i was born. So really its like we are serving family.

How do you structure your wine list?
Our wine list structure is pretty simple, we try and offer the best selection to our guests, our list is displayed on ipads and it is 50% italian 25 % local and 25% other

What type of wine is preferred in your restaurant?
Tuscan for reds and Veneto for white

Could you tell me a story about wine that happenened in your restaurant?
There are many stories about wine, it is really hard to find one that stands out. The best would be when I was young me and my sister wanted to take a bottle of wine to a party and we took a really expensive Barolo, of course none of us knew about wine and we thought that it would go unnoticed but it happened to be a single bottle of wine that dad had and he found out right away.

Do you prefer a certain Italian Region and if Yes, which one?
I am a little biased in this aspect, coming from Campania i do favour the whites from our area and Aglianico but our family are definitely Barolo and Brunello people.

What is your favorite Italian wine?
Marchesi di Barolo Riserva, and all the other Barolo’s they produce.

Kelowna and Okanagan Vally are very important for BC local wines. Could you tell me more about the relation between local wines and Italian wines or International wines?
The wines here are very different then those of Italy, so it is hard to compare. But then Italian wines are very distinct, and I believe can only be produced in italy. Perhaps the only comparison could be with some of the aromatic whites that we produce and the similarity to those of Alto Adige.

La Bussola Restaurant
Fine Italian Specialties
1451 Ellis Street
Kelowna, BC
phone 250-763-3110

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