Color: White
Year of production: 2019
Prize: 3.65 euros
Annual production: 25.000 bottles
Denomination: IGP Terre di Chieti
Aging: 5 months in steel
Grapes: 100% Pecorino

Colle Moro is a beautiful Italian winery in the Abruzzo region, where it obtains a really interesting range of wines which are well know for their quality balance and typicality.
Pecorino “Alianto” is a concrete example of how important the valorization of local vines is.
Today local grapes are in the limelight thanks also to a market increasingly attentive to the characteristics of native vines.
This grape, which needs hills and fresh breezes in order to mature before other local varieties, took its name maybe from the passage of the herds of sheep (Pecore).
It is a grape with a high level of sugar and medium to high alcohol content, for this reason it can give full body and structured wines with an interesting acidity as in the case of the “Alianto” Pecorino 2019 that we tasted.
“Alianto” has a straw yellow (tending to gold) color with fresh aromas of tropical fruit and spring wildflowers. Interesting notes of sweet spices complete it to reach the palate with a round and harmonious body, accompanied by a fresh acidity.
“Alianto” can be paired with fish such as brill and eel and highly appreciated with the typical broths made in the Abruzzo coast. Recommended in season also with dishes based on truffles, to fully complete the pleasure of its harmony.

Company Profile
Colle Moro winery was founded in 1961 in Guastameroli di Frisa, in the Province of Chieti (Abruzzo), thanks to the enthusiasm, entrepreneurial spirit and brave choices of a group of local winemakers.
It is a cooperative of over 700 winegrowers, who cultivate about 1,600 hectares of vineyards in 15 different municipalities around Frisain South-East Abruzzo. This green region in central of Italy is where Colle Moro winery is located, in a wonderful position between the sea and the mountains, between Costa dei Trabocchi, overlooking the Adriatic Sea, and the rocky crags of Maiella and Gran Sasso, two of Italy’s highest mountains.
The hills, geographic exposure and a particularly propitious climate ensure that the grapes are perfect, and enhance the qualities that make Colle Moro wines absolutely unique.
The grapes that best represent these areas are Montepulciano and Trebbiano, as well as Pecorino, Passerina and Cococciola, the main native grape varieties, and Moscato Giallo di Frisa. Some international varieties, such as Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Merlot and Sangiovese make the Colle Moro wine production complete.

Cantina Colle Moro
Via del mare 35/37 Frisa, CH 66030 IT – +39 0872 58128