The family’s roots guide Talestri, a winery run by three sisters – Anna, Lisa and Francesca, who developed their work in the Veronese winemaking culture. From all of this modern interpretations of classic labels was born Gentilezza, Valpolicella Ripasso Superiore, a wine with a strong identity resulting from an enological project that marries the grapes of the territory in order to create unique and personal wines. Values ​​that tell about an action full of passion, attention to detail and territory.

In drinking this wine you have to expect complexity, softness, fruit, character, an alcohol content well integrated into the body, in which the velvety and muscular tannin is protagonist. Corvina Veronese, Corvinone, Rondinella and the territorial grapes, the pergola and espalier, the commitment to nature allow us to conduct viticulture in harmony with the context of this ancient land. Talestri’s recognition project is all here: territory and drinkability in a caressing, intense, penetrating glass. A handful of dark red fruits, plum jam, undergrowth, the notes of black tea and tobacco, are the nuances of a sip that expresses a viticulture certified SQNPI – National Quality System of Integrated Production -. The palate opens to the heat and a subtle, consistent, defined tannic texture.

It begins and ends simply in the chalice.

Company Profile

Talestri is a modern company with the name of the legendary queen of the Amazons, that tells of the tenacity of three sisters who have inherited the family’s passion for enology and appreciate the flavor of innovation. Francesca, Anna and Lisa Marcato’s estate embraces 10 hectares of hills in the easternmost territories of Valpolicella with calcareous soils interspersed with basaltic outcrops that testify to the presence of ancient submarine volcanoes. A corner of paradise, ideal for interpreting Amarone, Ripasso and Classic Method with perfect grapes that feed the extraordinary creative vein of their father Francesco and allow to obtain fine and elegant wines, with mineral notes and pleasant flavor.

TALESTRI Soc. Agricola di Marcato Francesco

Via Fratta, 8 Lavagno, VR 37030 IT