News Martedi 15 Ottobre 2013

A successfully market wine in the U.S. market

Karen McKenzie, food and beverage marketing communicator, help us to understand

di Karen McKenzie


To successfully market wine in the U.S. market, there are two things you need to know: first, as much as eight out of ten bottles purchased at retail are bought by women; and second, American wine consumers buy the brand that is recommended to them, usually by the media. Putting these two facts together provides the basis for an effective wine marketing strategy: put your product in the hands of influential media who speak primarily to a female audience.


To enlist the media as a third-party endorsers requires that you first know who they are and what interests them. That’s where an experienced public relations firm can be of most use, since the wine media needs to know and trust that the person feeding them story ideas is credible. Second, people respond to stories – a narrative context for the product. What makes a particular brand interesting and noteworthy? Tasting scores alone aren’t enough – there has to be a compelling, memorable human-interest aspect to the brand. A good public relations firm can help you craft that memorable story.


The third critical component is distribution. The media will only write about a wine if it is available to consumers, so building distribution is a prerequisite to a marketing program.  Public relations can be pivotal in gaining distribution, particularly in building awareness of the brand and creative collateral marketing materials for the distributor’s use. An effective way to gain the interest of potential distribution is through tasting events in major markets, where the brand’s various wines can be showcased in a favorable light.