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Italian wines in the world: Marchesi di Barolo's Barbera d'Alba DOC Peiragal 2017

We have tasted for you Marchesi di Barolo's Barbera d'Alba DOC Peiragal 2017

Barbera d'Alba DOC Peiragal 2017

Color: red
Year of production: 2017
Price: € 17.50
Annual production: around 46000 bottles
Denomination: DOC
Aging: 12 months, French oak barrels
Grapes: 100% Barbera

Writing about this Barbera is like taking a dip in the past of the family subscribes, a dip that leads to the heart, because we always talk about emotions when you taste a wine that symbolizes deep care and craftsmanship, but in this case it is the emotion that has bound Anna and Ernesto in their first working adventure after getting married. In Barolo, in the cradle of Nebbiolo, Ernesto’s eyes lit up, imagining he was growing up on the hill in front of his house, so austere and clayey, a grape variety as simple as Barbera has always been an expression of everyday life and tradition. Tasting this wine is like tasting the moment when Ernesto and Anna have decided, in contrast to the time, to be able to pay homage to the grape, demonstrating how noble it was through the choice of an exceptional terroir and, then, with a careful vinification that expressed the most authentic characteristics. The softness of this wine immediately reaches the first olfactory impact, a kind of amplitude of aromas so balanced that they recall all the fruits and red flowers mixed like a freshly made jam. The palate is surprised by its balance with the nose, the taste is fine, harmonious and so elegant that it makes its name noble. Peiragal is an ancient dialect term, which identifies very compact soils characterized by the presence of large stones and its ideal combination is combined with a stuffed Piedmontese pasta or meat beaten with a knife. But the truest image, tasting this wine, comes thinking to Anna and Ernesto who, from the window of their cellar, proud, see now the fruit of their young emotion.
Company Profile
The Abbona family, after having started the wine business in Barolo since the early 1800s and subsequently founded the "Cav. Felice Abbona & Figli ", bought, in 1929, the lands that previously belonged to the Marquis of Barolo and his wife, Juliette Colbert of Maulévrier, who later became the Marquise of Barolo. Today the company is led by Anna and Ernesto Abbona, with their children Valentina and Davide, whose mission consists of knowing how to marry "tradition and evolution" by combining ancient winemaking techniques with the ability to present Barolo in a contemporary way according to the most authentic and sought after trends in "Made in Italy" food and winemaking.
Marchesi di Barolo
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