News Giovedi 23 Settembre 2021

Villa Sandi investigates the evolution of Prosecco in worldwide markets

The renowned Moretti Polegato family firm has launched an important research to examine the evolution of the most popular Italian sparkling wine in the world in order to develop strategies capable of ensuring Prosecco's competitiveness in the near future.

di Redazione Wine Meridian

In recent days, the Moretti Polegato family company launched a substantial investigation on the state of Prosecco in key overseas markets (the United Kingdom, Canada, Russia, the United States, Australia, Switzerland, Sweden, and Norway). This informative study attempts to investigate the condition of Prosecco in its different varieties (doc and docg) on what are currently considered its primary markets.

The fact that this survey is being conducted by one of the most authoritative companies historically involved in the production of Prosecco, Villa Sandi - the well-known brand owned by the Moretti Polegato family, is an absolutely unique feature of the research. Indeed, Villa Sandi has been a prominent representative of Prosecco on the world's most important wine marketplaces for many years.
As a result, the study will examine the Prosecco markets up close, drawing on the expertise of key players in the field (importers and distributors), as well as the most authoritative opinion leaders (media , sommeliers, etc.).
A research carried out in collaboration with Villa Sandi and Wine Meridian, a well-known magazine specializing in the analysis of the world's most important wine markets.

"This is a really significant initiative for us" said Flavio Geretto, Villa Sandi's export manager, "since we are among the most active firms in the export of Prosecco in all of its various forms. However, we thought it would be fascinating to collaborate with Wine Meridian on a study that may be beneficial to the whole Prosecco system”.

"Only by fully understanding the dynamics of Prosecco development will it be possible to ensure a bright future for this type of wine, which is so important for many vineyards in our country," Geretto said.

As a consequence, over a hundred Prosecco buyers and opinion leaders were selected today and given a questionnaire in which they were asked to express their opinions on the present status of the market for the well-known Italian sparkling wine, its positioning, and, most significantly, its future prospects. The participants were also asked which actions would be most appropriate to ensure the correct positioning and image of Prosecco in the different markets investigated.

In summary, there is a lot riding on the results of this poll, which are expected to be released next October. "We are really interested in these results," Geretto said. "We believe they will provide us with essential information to understand not only the current state of health of Prosecco in the most important markets, but also how to assure Prosecco's future competitiveness".