Marcato winery has an undoubted merit, it was the first to produce sparkling Durello with the classic method, and it was among the first companies to convey this extraordinary sparkling wine made from native grapes. Moreover, Marcato was also the first winery of Durello to focus on
long aging on the lees, up to 10 years. Pioneer then of quality sparkling wines, Marcato is also promoter of a new course of Soave and of structured red wines of Colli Berici.

Production area: Soave
Established: 2013
Hectares: 55
Yearly production (bottles): 450.000

Via Prandi, 10
37030 Ronc – Verona
Tel. +39 045 7460070
Fax +39 045 7460070


Wine: Sparkling
Year: 2004
Price (ex winery, VAT included): 28,00 Euro
Yearly production (bottles): 4.000
Ageing: Permanence on yeast for 8-12 years
Designation: DOC
Grapes (%): Durella 85%, Pinot Nero 15%

This wine is the thoroughbred of the cellar. When Marcatos decided to put to rest the first bottles of AR 15 years ago, no one assumed the unique potential of this grape variety. In this a sparkling wine of rare intensity with a surprising scale of taste was born. The wine comes from the selection
of the best grapes and the best years. Moreover, it rests on the lees for 10 years in underground cellars: a refinement that gives it a delicate perlage, balanced by an important structure that allows a further evolution in the bottle. Suitable for a consumption throughout the meal, ideal with important second courses.