The arrival in Valdobbiadene, the wonderful hills declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site only a year ago, creates a mix of surprise and amazement. You can think of everything before having visited them, except for important slopes, wine growing on slopes, traditionally called Rive, where barely small tractors manage to enter the vineyard. In short, a work that inevitably becomes manual and where Glera, Verdiso, Bianchetta and Perera, the historic blend, generously give life to a wine that now boasts a global success. Today the historic region, located between Conegliano and Valdobbiadene, has decided to take on a different credibility by bringing the territory on the label: “Valdobbiadene”. In these places Anna Spinato, from the farm of the same name, in a heritage close between tradition and the desire to project itself towards the future, inextricably played on innovation, has chosen to produce sartorial wines that meet Italian and international taste. It was as far back as 1952 when Pietro Spinato, in Ponte di Piave, a land lapped by the Piave river, gave life to wines that have always been named after his daughter Anna. Valdobbiadene Superiore di Cartizze Brut, with its 8 gr / liter of sugar and its 11 degrees of alcohol by volume, is a truly superb wine. It reaches the mouth lightly, and then welcomes the citrus fruit in a total way, full and defined. The pale yellow color, soft and disengaged, opens to floral and citrine aromas. A touch of green apple, a still slightly acidic mandarin and a creaminess of a finely obtained perlage after four weeks of refermentation in autoclave, create the recipe for an excellent product. This pure Glera, so harmonious and typical of the historic hills of Cartizze.

Company Profile
The story of Anna Spinato is the one of a Venetian family, animated by the passion for vines and the love for wine. Created by Pietro in 1952, today it is run by her daughter Anna who soon realized the potential of Venetian wines and decided to become an ambassador of the Italian wine in the world: a successful project, based on the fame and quality of Prosecco but capable of giving identity, value and prestige to the other wines of Veneto. Today, Anna Spinato is joined by her son Roberto and leads the expansion in the name of the Italian tradition following a strategic project based on the values ​​that the whole world recognises to the Italian style, made of good, beautiful and healthy things.
Always attentive to the processes of cultivation and vinification, Anna Spinato Winery is also characterized by a great sensitivity to interpret the evolution of taste in the international markets where today it exports the 97% of its production.
Anna Spinato’s range interprets local and international vines, is wide, articulated, complete and responds to a single constraint, that one dictated by the search for the highest quality of scents and flavours. A quality appreciated by customers and evidenced by the numerous awards achieved in prestigious international wine competitions.

Anna Spinato
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