Bàcco Cagnulari Isola dei Nuraghi igt 2015

Wine: Bàcco
Year 2015
Price (VAT included): 22.90 €
Annual production: 9.940 bottles
Aging:15/18 days, (maceration on yeast)
Designation: Isola dei Nuraghi IGT Cagnulari
Grapes (%): Cagnulari 100%

Success never comes by chance and a great example comes from Sardinia where in less than ten years a company, Siddùra, has managed to gain a very important place in the international wine-growing landscape.
Not only, today Siddùra represents one of the most rapresentative realities in Sardinia, succeding in testifying the extraordinary wine-growing vocation of this region, which is still unknown.
An excellent example of the qualitative goals achieved in recent years by Siddùra is its Bàcco 2015, obtained from one of the most important Sardinian varieties, but also more difficult to vinify, the Cagnulari cultivated in the area of Usini (Sassari), representing the territory most dedicated to this vine.
The original forest texture (fresh moss) impressed us immediately, together with fruity notes of plum and marasca, but also the spiced one (black pepper). In the mouth comes full, with a good balance and a persistent final where the red fruit flavors come back.
We have paired it with a dish of Veronese tradition such as pastisada de caval (horse meat) and it was absolutely perfect.


Siddùra was created following a discovery made by two entrepreneurs who found and fell in love with an abandoned but charming property in the heart of the Gallura region. The vineyard, located in the centre of the estate, has been built completely underground in order to take advantage of the natural insulation provided by the soil. The company’s objective is to produce wines which are identifiable with their terroir of origin.

Siddùra Snc, Luogosanto, OT
Fb: www.facebook.com/siddura/
Tel.079 6573027
Fax 079 9570860