Quality and origins of the product signed by Casa Vinicola Bosco Malera. We are in the Eastern Veneto area, an area historically linked to the culture of the vine and its production, where Pinot Grigio represents today the subject of a true “Revolution”. A change that begins with young producers but welcomes well-established wineries such as Casa Vinicola Bosco Malera. This winery managed to value one of the most appreciated Italian vines in the world: Pinot Grigio. The wine made with this grapes is probably one of the most interesting with its limpid pink and grey shades.  We tasted Blush Conte Priuli, the result of a selected production and a vinification in accordance with the needs of the vine. We liked this wine for its integrity, a quality that highlights all its characteristics: the powder pink colour, the scents of citrus and raspberry for an elegant expression or the stroke of great freshness for which it deliberately renounces superb potency. In short, a modulated taste that makes it the protagonist from aperitif to dinner, perhaps based on fish. I recommend to drink it fresh at a temperature of 8 degrees.

Company Profile

The winery Bosco Viticultori is located in Salgareda, in the heart of the Eastern Veneto: a land ever oriented to wine production, in a region backed by a great history and important cities like Venice, Verona and Treviso, from where the culture of Prosecco originates. Bosco Viticultori has an international vocation that has been consolidated over the course of time: 65% of the turnover is now represented by export markets. The 66 pressurized tanks, with a capacity of almost 40 thousand hectoliters, allow to offer a product always fresh and lively. The 2 bottling lines, with their total capacity of over 30 million bottles a year, combine efficiency with flexibility. Bosco has a wide product range, which includes different quality levels and IGT, DOC, DOCG appellation wines. The winery brands are Canal Grando, Vini dei Cardinali, Bosco dei Cirmioli, Bosco del Conte and Giotti.

via Correr, 17 Salgareda, TV 31040 IT
tel. +39 0422 80781
Email: info@boscoviticultori.com