Custoza doc Val dei Molini
Color: white
Year of production: 2019
Prize: 4.60 euros
Annual production: 180.000 bottles
Denomination: DOC
Aging: 3 months in steel
Grapes: Garganega 40%,Tocai Friulano 25%, Trebbiano Tosano 25%, Chardonnay 5%, Cortese 5%

Writing about Custoza and Custoza wine is like entering in a green oasis in the province of Verona. Set in the southern area of Garda Lake the appellation landscape is a mix of art and history, rural culture and traditions. Everything is embraced by the morainic hills where the mineral soil gives nutriment to the white grapes of this historical wine.
Custoza “Val dei Molini” 2019 is a selection wine of Cantina di Custoza, the Veronese cooperative which is the core of this appellation.
The pleasantness of this wine is in its variety and richness of fresh and well balanced aromas which evolve into fresh tropical fruit and a harmony of jasmine and orange blossom aromas.
A nose that invites the palate to drink, which always remains a surprise for its expressive linearity.
In the mouth the wine is surprising thanks to the fresh combination of acidity and minerality, harmonized by an aromatic length typical of the blend of the grapes that make up the Custoza.
This wine is perfect with dishes harmonized by a touch of extra virgin olive oil from Garda, such as pike in sauce with polenta or a fresh pasta dish with the typical broccoli of the area.

Company Profile
Custoza. The history of this name has distant origins, namely in the medieval Verona in which William Shakespeare set “Romeo and Juliet”. Today, those ancient lands, host our 1,000 hectares of vineyards, and their history inspired the founding shareholders to begin selecting the grapes to produce the first Custoza DOC, in 1968. It that year there were only 83 of us, and our beloved Custoza was born by an unstoppable enthusiasm, fed by the passion we have always felt for this land. In 1971 we produced our first Custoza vintage; for us it marked the beginning of a story that was destined to change our land. Today our winery can boast 200 winegrowers; we place 7 million bottles on the market each year, reaching no less than 19 countries in the world. By the selection in the vineyard, we produce our line “Val dei Molini” and “Custodia” “Terre in Fiore” is the ORGANIC selection of Cantina di Custoza, an ambitious project that was made possible by the professionalism of our technical staff.

Cantina di Custoza
Via Staffalo, 1 – Custoza Sommacampagna, VR 37066 IT +39 045 516200