It is surprising every time we taste one of Col Vetoraz’s wines, because in addition to the usual cleanliness and elegance, these products have a truly peculiar personality and complexity, emerging in the Italian sparkling wines’ market.

The hills around the winery provide an enviable raw material in a microclimate which, combined with the correct sun exposure of the vineyards, gives a truly unique DNA.

The Dry vintage wine that we taste today is a concrete example of what we said before: a sparkling wine that despite its 24 grammes per liter of sugars remains velvety and with that right acid note that recalls drinking with ease and curiosity.

Some people working in the winery define this wine as a business card, but also a transversal sparkling wine for the various and countless occasions during which it can be tasted.

Col Vetoraz sparkling wines’ perlage is always harmonious and very fine and the foam of this Dry vintage confirms its liveliness and finesse, which then emerges to the nose with its persuasive notes of pear peel, forest flowers and a hint of orange honey.

The roundness of this wine is equal to its frankness, aromatic hints accompany the sparkling wine in the mouth and the long and persistent finish confirms the well-done work in each step of the supply chain.

The creamy and well-balanced mineral finish leads it to different food combinations along all the meal: aperitif with puff pastry pies with vegetables or small fried fish, or pasta stuffed with pumpkin or second courses based on eggs.

Company Profile

Col Vetoraz is located in the heart of the Valdobbiadene DOCG area, at almost 400 mt above sea level, on a hill that is part of the well-know Cartizze hills. It is right here that the Miotto family settled in 1838, developing the vine cultivation from the beginning. In 1993 Francesco Miotto, descendant of this family, together with the agronomist Paolo De Bortoli and the oenologist Loris Dall’Acqua founded the current Col Vetoraz, a small winery that was able to innovate and grow reaching in just 25 years the top of Valdobbiadene DOCG production both in quantitative and qualitative terms, with over 2,300,000 kg of DOCG grapes vinified per year from which is selected the production of 1,250,000 bottles. A great respect for tradition, deep love for the territory, extreme care of the vineyards and a scrupulous methodology of the production chain as well as the production of large cuvées, have allowed Col Vetoraz over the years to obtain excellent wines and flattering results at the most prestigious national and international wine competitions.

Col Vetoraz Spumanti S.p.A
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S. Stefano di Valdobbiadene (Tv)
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