Denxo, Veneto IGT Rosso 2010, Desmontà

Wine: Red

: 3000
70% Merlot  15% Cabernet 15% secret
This glass of wine it dresses a ​​ruby impenetrable ​​that lets you see just garnet-colored reflections. The olfactory image intrigues by complexity, freshness and elegance: it begins with concentrates tones of black cherry, plum and blackberry, dates and dehydrated figs; Hints of roasting, coffee chocolates and toasted hazelnuts follow seamlessly. A rich bouquet that gives momentum with an elegant balsamic perception.
The pulpy and chewy entry point reveals an unpredictable ease of drink that closes with a warm and long ending, enriched by a pleasant perception of sweet licorice.
We prefer to enjoy it in absolute meditation or, if you prefer the company, share it with a pleasant chat with friends.


In 1866 Lieutenant Nino Bixio from Genoa – the right arm of Giuseppe Garibaldi – while staying in the area of Verona for the Battle of Custoza (June 24, 1866) lived a romance with a local noblewoman. Alfonso, born from this relationship, inherited some land in the area of Soave and since then, for the past five generations, the heirs of the family have been dedicated to grape growing.
Emilio Bixio became winemaker in 1979 at the prestigious School of Viticulture and Enology of Conegliano Veneto. The same year he began his first harvest, helped by his father and younger brother. He made in this way his first company, Fratelli Bixio farm. In the year 2000 he joined a commission for the establishment of a new DOC Veronese, the ARCOLE DOC. Hence a new ambitious project that born with the ‘FARM Desmontà’, that Emilio follows from the countryside to the bottle, with new verve and new ideas.