Fòla Cannonau di Sardegna DOC 2014

Wine: Red
Year 2014
Price (ex winery): 21,50 euro
Annual production (bottles) 9.500 (in 2014)
Aging: Lees in stainless steel tanks for 70 % of the mass Lees in oak barrels for 30 % of the mass
Designation: Cannonau di Sardegna DOC
Grapes (%): Cannonau 100%

Fòla in gallurese ( the dialect spoken in Gallura, in the northern part of Sardinia) means fairytale. And the story of Siddùra is somehow a fairytale itself: the company was founded in 2008 thanks to the dream of two entrepreneurs who strongly believed in the winemaking potential of one of the most beautiful yet harsh lands in Sardinia, the stunning Gallura.
In just a few years, from an abandoned property, one of the most interesting winery in Sardinia was born, a proof of the incredible potential of the region.
The soils are an extraordinary combination of granite and sand, an ideal environment for many Sardinian grapes, Cannonau above all. Fòla 2014 is an excellent example of that, testifying how complex but also enjoyable and drinkable Cannonau can be. It is made of Cannonau grapes trained in Alberello, on a hill located at 300 m above sea level.
The colour, intense ruby with purple shades, instantly got us. Red fruits like cherry, blackberry and plum hit the nose, at first. Then more gentle notes of Mediterranean scrub, especially myrtle, and mint come along. The palate is well balanced, mildly tannic, smooth, with final and persistent notes of ripe red fruits.
We paired it with an excellent spicy gulash, and Fòla proved to be the ideal partner.


Siddùra was created in 2008 following a discovery made by two entrepreneurs who found and fell in love with an abandoned but charming property in the heart of the Gallura region. The vineyard, located in the centre of the estate, has been built completely underground in order to take advantage of the natural insulation provided by the soil. The company’s objective is to produce wines which are identifiable with their terroir of origin.

Siddùra snc, Luogosanto (OT), Sardegna
Tel.079 6573027
Fax 079 9570860