In ancient venetian Villa surrounded by the quiet country of Treviso, a corner of paradise surrounded by small rivers few kilometers far from Venice: this is the amazing location of “Fioravanti Onesti”, a farming company that grows the best grapes in the Piave DOC zone of origin, producing delicious wines rich in floral notes and fine mineral scents: the special wine, Prosecco.

Fioravanti Onesti
Via XXV Aprile 6
Tel. 0422 797118 / 3404502621

Prosecco Doc Extra Dry

Anno/Year: 2015
Prezzo/Price (iva inclusa/VAT included): 6,80
Produzione annua/annual production: 10.000 bottiglie/bottles
Invecchiamento/Aging: Nessun invecchiamento/ No aging
Denominazione/Designation: DOC
Uvaggio/Grapes (%): Glera 100%
Fioravanti Onesti’s Extra Dry is a high quality Prosecco, characterized by great elegance, freshness and drinkability. Its grape is 100% Glera which is cultivated in the picturesque countryside of Treviso. Its single-variety vinification is obtained with a long Charmat method with a re-fermentation on selected yeasts. It is very important to point to the duration of Charmat method when you talk about Prosecco: more and more it stays in autoclave, more and more qualitative profiles will be higher. With the nose, you can smell distinctive aromas of yellow fruits such as peach and apricot, but also aromatic herbs (sage) and in the end toasted notes. In the mouth, you can taste a nice blend of sweetness (an extra dry with not excessive sugar residual) and flavour which make the Prosecco very easy to drink. It could be drink in a whole meal and paired with a risotto with vegetables and a mix of high quality Italian charcuterie. This pairing has proved to be perfectly adequate.