Jako Brut Pas Dosè Metodo Classico

Color: White
Year of production: 2015
Price: 13,00 euros
Annual production: 5900 bottles
Denomination: Igt
Aging: Steel after 36 months on the lees
Grapes: 50% garganega 50% chardonnay

Producing wine for friends and being appreciated all over the world is the forward-looking and applied method that Jako Wine has been carrying out for many years. The classic Pas Dosè method Brut enchants both for its label and for the creamy aroma almost from pastry that spreads just uncorked. The search for this product with a sugar residue lower than 3 g / l was long and laborious, much more than the 36 months it took for the product to be available in all its pleasant complexity. A research that starts from vineyards in the hills south of Lake Garda, with grapes selected at the right early degree of ripeness, capable of enhancing the fine bubbles in the glass which is already just poured.  Those aromas of good pastry return to the nose, aromas that in their breadth touch the notes of citrus and fresh fruit with white flesh in a finish that also recalls that spring bouquet mixed with notes of fresh aromatic herbs. We find this amplitude in the mouth, the well-balanced sapidity wraps the palate together with this creamy identity released by a crunchy bubble and an intriguing minerality to drink. Harmonious product in all its facets, from the packaging to the pleasantly long finish that is not quickly forgotten. Here the combinations are endless, it is a great class aperitif, with which to continue conversing at the table with even elaborate courses, but always with the common thread of the friendship for which this wine was born and that will accompany it forever.

Company profile

Research conducted by our wine maker and our agronomist has led us to recognize the best, most fertile terroir. From preparation of the soil to vine management, the entire process reflects sheer perfectionism. Exclusively manual harvesting and grape processing reflect criteria dictated by our experts. the final result is a top-quality product. The company’s preparation and choice of cru demand specialization which creates the wine’s distinctive fingerprint, and the guiding light for our best quality production. Each phase in the succeeding process demands preservation of the wines at carefully calculated temperatures. They are transported at controlled temperatures, ensuring aroma and quality. Not only geography and production method, but constant dedication, constantly guarantee the highest quality.

Jako Wine

Strada Corte Garofolo, 73 – 37134 Verona VR
Tel: +39 045 502952 – email: info@jakowine.it