Jako Wine is one of the most interesting Italian wine projects in recent years. The winery founded by Luca Berti and Michele Ceradini in 2015 is the demonstration that it is possible to “innovate” in a very serious way, while enhancing the most important value of wine and that is its “conviviality”.

Thanks to the precious collaboration with Severino Barzan, an iconic name of Italian wine world, Jako Wine has been demonstrating how wines considered apparently “easy” can instead be of great complexity and elegance, becoming excellent ambassadors of Italy of wine in the world.

An excellent example in this direction is the Griso Venèxian, a Pinot Grigio that absolutely breaks the patterns of the white wines’ drinkability. This white wine has got a much more important and complex structure and an aromatic bouquet of considerable breadth.

We tasted the 2018 vintage and it absolutely amazed us.

On the nose, beautiful notes of white fruit (pear and peach) but also balsamic sensations of sage. In the mouth, excellent structure, balance and a savory texture that gives it great persistence.

We paired it with another great Venetian symbol, Baccalà alla Vicentina, and we took the right decision. 

Company profile

Research conducted by our wine maker and our agronomist has led us to recognize the best, most fertile terroir. From preparation of the soil to vine management, the entire process reflects sheer perfectionism. Exclusively manual harvesting and grape processing reflect criteria dictated by our experts. the final result is a top-quality product. The company’s preparation and choice of cru demand specialization which creates the wine’s distinctive fingerprint, and the guiding light for our best quality production. Each phase in the succeeding process demands preservation of the wines at carefully calculated temperatures. They are transported at controlled temperatures, ensuring aroma and quality. Not only geography and production method, but constant dedication, constantly guarantee the highest quality.

Jako Wine

Strada Corte Garofolo, 73 – 37134 Verona VR
Tel: +39 045 502952 – email: info@jakowine.it