What destiny would have had a grape like Nebbiolo if in its history it hadn’t come across Juliette Colbert of Maulévrier in 1807: the woman who first understood its extraordinary potential.

This French noblewoman’s history is therefore intimately linked to this vine and to Marchesi di Barolo winery which has been able to make Nebbiolo speak loud throughout the world.

Today the winery is lead by Abbona family, which over time has become one of the most authoritative custodians of Nebbiolo’s values internationally.

Therefore, when you taste a Nebbiolo from the Marchesi di Barolo, it means entering the genesis of this great Piedmontese vine and for this reason we always do it with respect and emotion.

We had great confirmations when tasting Roccheri 2017, a Nebbiolo d’Alba for whom the use of the adjective “elegant” is absolutely appropriate. It has that “austere” elegance that only those born “noble” can have.

Roccheri 2017 already expresses its finesse on the nose with clear floral hints of wild rose and violet, but also beautiful fruity sensations (currant) and spicy notes of cloves, black pepper and vanilla. On the palate you experience an infinite smoothness and harmony as only the great wines have. We paired it with an extraordinary braised beef and the marriage was perfect.

Company Profile
The Abbona family, after having started the wine business in Barolo since the early 1800s and subsequently founded the “Cav. Felice Abbona & Figli “, bought, in 1929, the cellars that previously belonged to the Marquis of Barolo and his wife, Juliette Colbert of Maulévrier, who later became the Marquise of Barolo. Today the company is led by Anna and Ernesto Abbona, with their children Valentina and Davide, whose mission consists of knowing how to marry “tradition and evolution” by combining ancient winemaking techniques with the ability to present Barolo in a contemporary way according to the most authentic and sought after trends in “Made in Italy” food and winemaking.

Marchesi di Barolo
Via Roma,1 Barolo, CN 12060 IT
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