In 1892 Giuseppe Pollara began cultivating the vineyards which today, continue to provide top quality grapes for Principe di Corleone wines. From generation to generation, the Pollara family has transformed the original small family business into the thriving winery that it is today,
with passion, talent and hard work. Vincenzo and Lea Pollara, the executing managers of the family business, strongly believe that the quality of wine begins in the vineyards. Therefore, their priorities are a continuing dedication to the maintenance of their grapevines, the ongoing development of their winery, and a research plan that envelops all aspects of the wine making process.

Contrada Malvello snc Sp4 Bis Km 2000
90046 Monreale – Palermo
Tel. +39 091 8462922
Fax +39 091 5640796
Wine: Red – Year: 2011
Price (ex winery, VAT included): 12,00 Euro
Yearly production (bottles): 60.000
Ageing: Barrique for 9 months
Designation: DOC
Grapes: Cabernet 100%
We are lucky enough to have had, over the years, the opportunity to deeply know the Pollara family, the owners of the Principe di Corleone winery,
one of the most interesting and proactive Sicilian wineries. Quercus is the concrete proof of how suitable Sicily is for growing excellent international grapes as well. It is an excellent Cabernet Sauvignon, thanks to the
Sicilian climate which perfected the ripening of the grapes and surprisingly highlighted the fruity hints compared to the greener ones. The aroma hast clear hints of well-ripened red mixed berries (blueberries and black currants) with spicy (cloves and vanilla) overtones. The palate is harmonious and velvety, with gentle tannins and an excellent drinkability. We paired it with Sicilian cheeses such as the Vastedda del Belice, a mild cheese, with Castelvetrano rye bread and it was the confirmation that when raw materials are excellent, everything else is as well.