Quattro Canti Syrah – Nero d’Avola Sicilia DOP 2014

Wine: red

Year: 2014
Price: 9,00 € (VAT included)
Annual Production: 5,200 bottles
Designation: DOP
Aging: in French oak barriques
Grapes: Syrah (50%) – Nero d’Avola (50%)
We have long been following this Sicilian company, The Principe di Corleone, of the Pollara family, and we appreciate the constant dedication and passion. A brand that already by itself expresses ‘sicilianity’ in an extraordinary way. This “sicilianity” we can find in their excellent blend (50 and 50%) of Syrah and Nero d’Avola ‘Quattro Canti’ (this is the name of the exclusive line dedicated to the horeca channel), a year, 2014, that testifying how this period was negative almost everywhere in Italy except for Sicily. It expresses immediately an excellent vitality to the nose with evident notes of berries, blackberry and raspberry, but also of elegant violet and in the end balsamic notes of mint and cloves. In the mouth you can notice the full structure but with silky tannins and in the aftertaste you will find nice notes of red fruit.
We combined it with exquisite Mexican tacos, well savory and spicy and we made a very excellent impression.

Principe di Corleone
In 1892 Giuseppe Pollara began cultivating the vineyards which today, continue to provide top quality grapes for Principe di Corleone wines. From generation to generation, the Pollara family has transformed the original small family business into the thriving winery that it is today, with passion, talent and hard work. Vincenzo and Lea Pollara, the executing managers of the family business, strongly believe that the quality of wine begins in the vineyards.
Therefore, their priorities are a continuing dedication to the maintenance of their grapevines, the ongoing development of their winery, and a research plan that envelops all aspects of the wine making process.

Principe di Corleone 
Contrada Malvello
90046 | Monreale (PA)
Ph: +39.0918462922 – +39.0918463512