Color: red
Year of production: 2016
Price: € 15.00
Annual production: 8,000 bottles
Denomination: Marca Trevigiana IGT
Aging: The wine is aged in second passage barriques for at least 15 months before being bottled
Grapes: 100% MERLOT

Merlot often faces a lot of prejudices or stereotypes, given its widespread worldwide presence. But the prejudices about wine are very dangerous because they often lead us astray and therefore if you want to get a precise idea of the values of a practically ubiquitous vine like Merlot you have to taste many. 
We have had the good fortune in our professional life of being able to taste several ones from many parts of the world and we have perceived well how the productive terroir influences the characteristics of this, in our opinion, extraordinary grape. For this reason we strongly recommend Cecchetto’s Sante Rosso, in our opinion one of the best we have tasted in recent years. Coming from the Largoni vineyard, in the heart of the Marca Trevigiana (Motta di Livenza), it has found in the alluvial soil with particles of calcareous clay and the typical caranto-rich soils (layers of carbonate aggregates) an ideal habitat to develop its best characteristics.
The result is a powerful and elegant Merlot. Thanks to the harvest, which comes slightly overripe in plant, an important but absolutely silky structure is guaranteed, where the tannin is tamed to the great pure even from the correct aging in barriques for 8 months. In the nose you smell a great explosion of ripe fruits starting from plum and cherry but also beautiful floral sensations such as violet and spicy notes of cloves. In the mouth excellent harmony, balance, but also extraordinary drinkability thanks to an acidic structure and a pleasant return of red fruit in the very persistent finish. We paired it with a great beef stew and it was just perfect.

Azienda Agricola Cecchetto

Giorgio Cecchetto was born and raised in a family of farmers with long experience in vine growing in the Piave area where the Piave Raboso variety has been grown for over 500 years, at short distance from the renowned Conegliano oenological school: these factors have marked his life. He started to grow vines and make wine following his father’s example, but in 1986 he felt he needed to move away from that track and had to face a new challenge. The family business had to grow bigger, and Giorgio wanted Raboso, a wine that is a landmark in his region, to be known and appreciated outside the boundaries of its area of origin. Such important legacy must be protected and handed over undamaged to future generations, and such awareness urges him to respect the soil, water and plants of this land through the careful use of pruning techniques and low-input treatments.

Address: Via Piave, 67 – Tezze di Piave (TV) 

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